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Why Marry? (02:07)


Learn about the sexuality of different animals. There are approximately 870,000 divorces per year and half of married couples will be divorced within twenty years. This documentary will explore the institution of marriage and how it is affected by the divorce rate.

Definition of Marriage (04:26)

The first marriage contract occurred 2500 years ago when a man received a 14 year old bride in exchange for 6 cows. Marriages were performed for the benefit of a family or tribe and studies have shown being alone, divorced, or separated is not good for health. Dr. Edward Shorter describes how marriage has become increasingly sexualized, which makes it unstable.

Talking To Baby Boomers (04:01)

In 1970, 13% of the population aged 46 to 64 were divorced, separated, or unwed— the amount almost tripled by 2010. Baby boomers discuss why they got married, what they hoped would happen, how the relationship changed, and what went wrong.

"Love: A Temporary Insanity..." (03:42)

There are over 115,000 marriages per year. Wedding planners and life coaches discuss why people spend on average over 20,000 dollars on weddings. Baby Boomers talk about feelings of doubt they had the day they married.

Views on Marraige (02:06)

University of Toronto Students discuss why the want to wait to get married or do not want to get married at all.

"God Created Marriage..." (05:31)

It was not until the Middle Ages that the church started performing weddings. Priests, rabbis, mullahs, and monks discuss how their religion incorporates marriage and copes with divorce. Christianity has many rules regarding sexuality: no premarital sex, no birth control, no masturbation, no same-sex marriages, no sex for priests and nuns, and no divorce.

"Men Should Be Like Kleenex..." (05:16)

A life coach describes how difficult her divorce was and how it influenced her coaching methods. Marriages can be intense and difficult. Baby Boomers discuss how they incorporated new hobbies and passions into their lives after divorce.

Same Sex Marriage (04:21)

Homosexuals discuss marriage as a social and legal institution. Men and women discuss the influence of Proposition 8 on the gay community.

"Ah, Yes Divorce..." (08:52)

Experts discuss advantages of polygamy. Noel Biderman explains how is beneficial to society. Tour the facilities of two sex clubs for swingers and learn about the owners.

"Love is Grand..." (04:11)

Lawyers discuss marriage contracts, divorce, and spousal support. Baby boomers discuss the financial repercussions to divorce. Benefits of marriage include: tax benefits, citizenship, loans/credit standing, and equalization of property.

"The Secret of a Happy Marriage Remains a Secret" (06:59)

The production team throws a party for the divorced baby boomers. Experts and baby boomers discuss why the divorce rate is so high. Learn about animals that remain monogamous.

Credits: Marriage: Shattered Vows (02:47)

Credits: Marriage: Shattered Vows

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With changes in society leading to a fall in marriage and rise in divorce, is it possible that the institution has outlived its function? We investigate the marriage industry and costs of divorce against a backdrop of government incentives, the arrival of gay marriage, rise in sanctioned infidelity and alternate relationships.

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