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Oba Koso: Nigerian Dance-Drama: Introduction (02:17)


Margaret Croyden introduces this episode of "Camera Three." Duro Lapido adapted the myth of Oba Koso for a global audience. It depicts the mystical personality of Shango, a king in Yoruba mythology.

"Oba Koso": Part One (03:11)

Two counselors request an audience with the king, Shango. Watch an excerpt of the performance.

"Oba Koso": Part Two (04:13)

The queen discusses the counselor's wishes with Shango. Shango requests one of his chiefs, Timi, travel to another village. When he arrives, the villagers are so impressed with him that they declare him king.

"Oba Koso": Part Three (05:23)

When the king realizes that Timi has been crowned king, he sends another of his chiefs, Gbonka to kill him. Gbonka casts a spell on Timi and brings him back to the palace.

"Oba Koso": Part Four (02:17)

Gbonka visits witches to augment his power. Watch the excerpt of the performance.

"Oba Koso": Part Five (04:00)

Gbonka beheads Timi. The king orders Gbonka's execution, but he survives.

"Oba Koso": Part Six (02:40)

The king kills his one of his own villagers. His wife attempts to abandon him and the king hangs himself.

"Oba Koso": Part Seven (04:23)

After the king dies, he offers the villagers protection for eternal worship. The Yoruban people believe the king transformed himself into a deity. Shango is known in Nigerian mythology for his love of war and magic.

Credits: Oba Koso: Nigerian Dance-Drama (00:35)

Credits: Oba Koso: Nigerian Dance-Drama

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Oba Koso: Nigerian Dance-Drama

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This program features excerpts from Oba Koso, the famous folkloric Nigerian drama-musical-dance play about a wicked man who tries to overthrow the king, performed by the celebrated National Theater of Nigeria and directed by Duro Ladipo. It offers commentary by drama critic Margaret Croyden.

Length: 30 minutes

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