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Anti-War Literature: "One Morning the World Woke Up" (02:34)


Listen to a recitation of the poem by Oscar Williams. James Macandrew explains that dramatists, poets, and novelists reach beyond common sense to describe the futility of war.

"Moby Dick" (03:48)

Listen to an excerpt of the novel written by Herman Melville recited by Michael Tolan. As Ishmael and Queequeg weave a mat, Ishmael realizes it is a metaphor for the way fate, free will, and chance work.

"Lysistrata" (04:25)

Aristophanes uses the metaphor of thread to describe a woman's feelings towards war. Listen to Agnes Moorehead and Tim O'Connor perform a scene between Lysistrata and the magistrate.

"The Red Badge of Courage" (03:15)

Stephen Crane gave a detailed description of the Civil War, although he never witnessed it. Listen to an excerpt recited by Tim O'Connor.

"I Saw the Vision of Armies" (01:20)

Walt Whitman questioned who suffered from the Civil War. Michael Tolan recites the poem in its entirety.

"War" (11:52)

Luigi Pirandello does not write about the battlefield but a train, where parents of soldiers are passengers. Agnes Moorehead recites the short story.

Credits: Anti-War Literature in Performance (Aristophanes, Melville, Pirandello) (00:43)

Credits: Anti-War Literature in Performance (Aristophanes, Melville, Pirandello)

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Anti-War Literature in Performance (Aristophanes, Melville, Pirandello)

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Dramatists, poets, and novelists write about the futility of war. Agnes Moorehead, Michael Tolan, and Tim O'Connor recite works by Aristophanes, Herman Melville, Stephen Crane, Walt Whitman, and Luigi Pirandello on this episode of Camera Three

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