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Everyone is Motivated Differently (03:50)


Working out what motivates an individual is not easy because you cannot blanket what motivates people. Difficult and stressful working conditions can develop over time, when one person is doing the same, repetitive job. The photocopier company called Comtex has employees that work at different levels based on motivation.

Case Study One: Not Enough Pay (02:25)

Francis, an unhappy employee at Comtex was one of the firm's top sales people. He was at a university doing a course that he was not interested in. Francis states that his motivation to work is, "that feeling you get when you sell half a million pounds worth of photocopiers."

Sales Recognition (04:35)

There are many companies who need people to sell things. Francis compares his motivation to a football player who gets traded to another team to get more money because that player scores more. He likes to see his name at the top of the sales board.

Case Study Two: Losing Sales (03:39)

Parminder, a salesperson from Comtex, stopped making sales for the company. She states that she was working at the company because it was her father's decision. She believes that every salesperson has a period of time where sales are not at peak performance.

Square Peg in a Round Hole Syndrome (02:21)

Parminder says that when she used to work for her father, she had time to take a part time arts foundation course, where she developed a passion for illustrations. She thinks her father is relying on her to get experience outside the family business.

Case Study Three: Nobody Listens (05:24)

Patrick is one of the firm's engineers, his job is to repair and maintain the photocopiers that the company sells. He refers to himself as a "toner monkey." He works in the company's basement and would like to have a coffee machine and a desk in his area.

Case Study Four: People Fear Change (05:23)

Debbie worked in the accounting department since the firm began, where her main job was invoicing. She worked on a computer system that was earmarked for replacement. She did not see the need to update because she believed that the job was getting done accurately.

Case Studies Follow Up (00:53)

Francis was given a pay raise, later he resigned and is looking for another job. Parminder left Comtex to join her father’s firm, but quit after a family fight. The company made Debbie redundant, as the new computer meant her job was no longer necessary, and Patrick is still with the company.

Credit: Motivation Decisions (00:20)

Credit: Motivation Decisions

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