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4 Building Blocks for Your Authentic Power (01:25)


The four areas covered in this chapter include how to shift to a conscious business mindset, understanding your authentic personality, a road map for success, and a personality assessment.

Why We Have Stress in Our Lives and How to Change It (06:38)

"Why doesn't our current approach to success work?" This question will be answered with the "be, do, have approach." This module will address who you really are, your unique gifts and talents, your new model for success, your purpose, and your emotional-mental system

Our Model of Success is Not Designed to Make Us Happy (07:17)

Most people are dissatisfied and disengaged with their jobs. People are taught to work harder and accumulate more. This model is not sustainable, only works for a few, and does not fulfill deep desires.

Reflection: Transitioning to the New Success Model (03:32)

Viewers are asked to reflect on their goals and achievements. Mindset, perception, and consciousness are critical. The existing model of success is the root of dissatisfaction.

Your Authentic Power: Where Work Becomes Effortless (03:05)

There are five steps necessary to access one's authentic power. People that have achieved this include Gandhi, Oprah, Martin Luther King Jr., and Madonna.

The 5 Steps to Your Authentic Power (06:15)

The five evolutionary steps to success are changing how you see the world, understanding your authenticity, understanding your skills, identifying struggles, and how to maintain your power.

Who You Really Are - Understanding the Big Picture (07:23)

Viewers are asked to consider themselves as spiritual beings with a physical experience. Knowing who you are is critical to success.

Who You Really Are - Part 2 (04:26)

Viewers are directed to video excerpts of interviews with Anita Moorjani, author of "Dying to Be Me" and Harvard trained scientist Dr. Eben Alexander. Both have had similar experiences with death that serve as reminders that people are part of something bigger.

Your Authentic Self - The Foundation for Success (05:27)

The second step of the evolutionary steps to success is understanding your authentic self. Viewers are directed to an online personality test.

Your Authentic Personality - Conclusion (04:11)

Learn the implications of the color personality test results. Balancing your colors leads to balance in your life.

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Your Authentic Power: Part 1—The 5 Steps for Combining Fulfillment & Success

Part of the Series : Conscious Business Module 1: Your Authentic Power
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This program addresses how our current model of success is not designed to make us happy & fulfilled. That as a matter of fact, our current model of success is the reason for struggle and stress in our lives. This episode outlines an alternative model of success, which is necessary if we want to combine career success with personal fulfillment and purpose. Discover the 5 steps to break away from the traditional model of success. Concluding this program, the Conscious Business Personality Color Assessment provides you with an understanding of your “Authentic Power” – that power you are here to express. This program is used by Fortune 100 companies to develop their next generation leaders.

Length: 50 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-63521-977-7

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