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What You Will Do (01:08)


In this chapter, you will learn about how you make decisions and discover your authentic purpose.

Your DQ: How You Make Empowerment Decisions (08:55)

Individuals process information in different way. Understanding your decision making quality will reduce conflict and lead to results. Learn about decisive and observant personalities referred to as "stalkers" and "dreamers."

Your DQ: Improve How You Make Decisions (04:55)

Learn how to realize when you are "out of power" and how to get back '"in power." Hear examples of how stalkers and dreamers behave differently.

Defining Your Purpose: Focus & Direction for Everything You Do (11:17)

Learn how to apply self-awareness to daily life by integrating your personality in to the new success model. Hear examples of people who earned success through authenticity.

Wrap-Up: How Do You Choose to Live Your Life? (00:0-1580)

Current culture encourages people to follow direction rather than express themselves. People must choose between safety and uncertainty.

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Your Authentic Power: Part 3—How Do you Decide & Your Life Purpose

Part of the Series : Conscious Business Module 1: Your Authentic Power
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This program introduces you to your DQ - the way you make empowered decisions (or not, if you don't follow your DQ). You will understand why many conflicts in relationship exist, and how you can overcome them. As a conclusion of this episode, you will discover your Life Purpose – your big life goal - and how you can integrate your Life Purpose into your career. This chapter answers one of the most frequent questions we hear from people: The question about their bigger purpose in life!

Length: 33 minutes

Item#: BVL128567

ISBN: 978-1-63521-979-1

Copyright date: ©2015

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