Segments in this Video

Your Emotional System (01:18)


This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered including the components that make up your "inner thermostat."

Your Emotional System: The Blackbox of Your Behaviors (07:24)

Your beliefs, thoughts, and "in" and "out of power" behaviors determine how you behave under pressure and what happens when you are faced with conflict. Most inner wiring is formed by age five.

Your Existential Decision: The Root of All Stress & Struggle (10:13)

This decision is reactivated when you are triggered. It originates from the need for love, safety, or power. Hear personal and professional examples.

Your Existential Decision: Conclusion (02:21)

Underlying forces must be addressed in order to achieve success. Behaviors can be changed once polarity is recognized.

Your Polarity: Where You Stop Being Authentic (11:20)

All people have a certain behavior they enact when "out of power" or under pressure. Emotional triggers lead to existential decisions based on internal stories.

The 5 Polarities: How We Behave Under Pressure & Stress (06:35)

Learn how to identify your primary mode of behavior when you are "out of power." Hear examples of inferior-superior types and how focusing on quality helps fight perfectionism.

The 2nd Polarity: Insufficient-Excessive (05:27)

This type of personality is seen as too much or not enough. Learn how this behavior translates into personal relationships and business settings.

The 3rd Polarity: Insignificant-Almighty (08:07)

This personality type is often found in the business world. When "out of power" these people need to feel important and be validated.

The 4th Polarity: Worthless-Invaluable (07:38)

People with this personality type have a need for credentials and may sacrifice their own happiness, which leads to resentment. Hear personal and professional examples.

The 5th Polarity: Undeserving-Entitled (06:29)

These people fear being controlled or pressured to change. People with this personality type are easily angered when "out of power."

The Polarities: Conclusion (04:30)

Viewers are reminded that emotional systems must be addressed in order to achieve success.

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Your Authentic Power: Part 5—Emotional Mastery: Dealing With Pressure-Cooker Situations

Part of the Series : Conscious Business Module 1: Your Authentic Power
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This program introduces you to your Emotional System® - your default (and typically hidden) mode of behavior when you are not operating from your authentic power. This is your specific behavioral pattern that's at the root of every persistent struggle and conflict in your work and life. You will discover your Polarity - that hidden behavioral mechanism you repeatedly display when you are "out-of-power". And you'll understand the behavioral pattern of others, so you can much better deal with conflicting & stressful situations. This program is a cornerstone for building more successful and empowered careers and businesses.

Length: 72 minutes

Item#: BVL128569

ISBN: 978-1-63521-981-4

Copyright date: ©2015

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