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Your Authentic Power: Conclusion (01:06)


Viewers are advised that this final chapter will provide a step-by-step approach to deal with any stressful situation.

The 5 Steps for Claiming Your Authentic Power (09:03)

Steps to get back "in power" after being emotionally triggered include stop, ask yourself questions, identify conditioned emotions, find authentic your emotions, and feel them until you feel peace.

Overcoming Stress and Struggle: How to Deal With Your Emotional System (08:01)

Emotional resilience and recovery are essential to authentic power. Start practicing meditation one minute per day. Follow the five steps when emotionally triggered.

Your Emotional Mental System: Conclusion (04:22)

Hear a summary of what has been covered earlier in the program and how it applies to personal and professional life.

Conclusion Module 1 & Next Steps (14:02)

Learn how to apply what you have learned in you daily life. Who you are dictates what you do. Hear a review of the 5 evolutionary steps to success.

What's Next: Where You Stand & Where to Go From Here (02:35)

Hear an introduction to Module 2, which will cover how to use your authentic power to improve relationships, collaborations, and business teams.

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Your Authentic Power: Part 6—Creating Positive Habits and Integrating Conscious Business Principles In Your Work & Life

Part of the Series : Conscious Business Module 1: Your Authentic Power
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3-Year Streaming Price: $199.95



This program outlines the steps to change habits and behaviors that don't serve you. You’ll learn 5 steps that you can use in any pressure-cooker situation. As you practice these steps, you will over time strengthen your Emotional Intelligence & Emotional Resilience. As we conclude this module, you will get concrete suggestions on how to integrate the Conscious Business Principles into your daily work and life.

Length: 40 minutes

Item#: BVL128570

ISBN: 978-1-63521-982-1

Copyright date: ©2015

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