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Marketing Mix: Product (02:39)


Snowdonia Society Director Alun Pugh states that the park is a special part of Wales. Snowdonia National Park Authority John Ablitt believes that spiritual regeneration is one of the great things about the grounds.

Environmentally Friendly Tourist Attraction (02:58)

The Welsh Highland Railway is popular with train enthusiasts; small businesses in Snowdonia are growing. The Tree Top Adventure is a place where tourists can practice climbing skills.

Green Hotel (04:33)

The Hafod Elwy Hall Hotel uses local tradesmen. Their toiletry products are environmentally friendly. Energy conservation is a priority that saves the planet and money for hotel owners.

Marketing Mix: Place (01:09)

The railway network has seen significant improvements in North Wales without damaging the environment. The majority of visitors and tourists arrive by car to the park.

Marketing Mix: Promotion (04:24)

A significant amount of work is necessary for creating a brand for Wales. Leaflets placed in the tourist information centers are the main marketing tool used to promote Snowdonia.

Marketing Mix: Price (09:41)

A holiday in the Lake District costs about the same as in Snowdonia. The Wales government runs the official tourism board.

Extras: Hafod Elwy Hall Hotel Tour (03:45)

The environmentally friendly structure was built from stone quarried on the land. None of the furniture is new and rugs are made from sheepskins. Wood is gathered from fallen trees.

Hotel Tour: Dining Room (03:36)

Tree branches are used as joists under the floorboards. The wall hangings are scraps of fabric with recycled ironwork. All of the light fixtures use energy saving bulbs.

Hotel Tour: Corridors and Living Room (03:57)

Moon Lights use three amps of electricity and can be left on overnight. The hotel bathrooms have oil paintings and fresh plants are on side tables.

Wind Turbine Power (05:12)

Hafod Elwy Hall Hotel has one wind turbine generator that produces five kilowatts of electricity. The establishment receives renewable obligation certificates for every unit of power produced.

Extinct Pig Breeding (04:45)

Free range pigs roam on the hills around the hotel eating heather and berries. The pigs have pedigrees and some of the females are sold for breeding; pigs are intelligent animals.

Wales and Cambrian Coastline (04:57)

Marketing Manager Sian Jones works for the Gwnynedd Council. She is responsible for marketing and promoting tourism in Snowdonia. She wants a more modern approach to advertising.

Getting to Know Snowdonia (03:12)

High percentages of visitors to the area are return guests. Jones states that the National Park needs to be competitive to ensure travelers continue coming to the attractions.

Snowdon Mountain Railway (08:25)

Railway worker Jonathan Tyler states that more vacationers from out of the country come to Snowdonia to see the train. Tourists relate many reasons that bring them to Snowdonia.

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