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New Shenfu (04:24)


Matthew Carney reports from Northeastern China, where empty cities show Chinese growth is slowing. Shenfu was built to house construction, coal, and steel workers. Communist Party members maintain that the national slowdown does not affect the city.

Shenyang (02:05)

A city of ten million residents lies next to ghost cities. The Chinese government hopes a new middle class will transform the manufacturing economy to one built on consumption, technology, and services; 55 abandoned apartment buildings show stagnation.

Failed by the State (03:52)

Unemployed industrial workers gather in Shenyang in hopes of a day's work. Ma Jian needs to feed his family; Yao Ming Jun expresses anger at government corruption and reminisces about financial stability at state owned enterprises.

China's New Underclass (03:38)

Ma Jian does not get work for the day. He and Yao Ming Jun show Carney the apartment they share with 20 unemployed workers. The economic slowdown is causing migrant workers to strike and riot in Shenzhen.

Organizing Chinese Workers (03:48)

Shenzhen manufacturers are relocating to Southeast Asia. Labor activist Zhang Ziru formerly worked in a shoe factory and has been arrested. He helps organize major strikes and tries to work within the legal system; a main task is educating workers about their rights.

Government Sides with Bosses (02:59)

Former clothing factory supervisor Wo Fun Chung discovered her company had not paid welfare benefits. After working and living apart from her son for a decade, she was fired for striking; she struggles to survive. Police interrupt her interview.

Sacrifices for the Cause (03:55)

Chinese authorities forced Zhang's family to move frequently; he divorced his wife to protect her from harassment. He risks imprisonment to organize workers and helps medical equipment factory employees successfully negotiate an insurance benefits contract.

Credits: The Labors of Mr Zhang (00:24)

Credits: The Labors of Mr Zhang

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As China’s economy stumbles, ABC Australia correspondent Matthew Carney taps into the anger of a growing mass of unemployed workers, and meets a labor activist who’s risking his freedom to fight for their rights.

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