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"An Inspector Calls": England, 1912 (03:51)


A woman believes in god because she cannot believe in people. The Birlings prepare for a dinner party. (Credits)

"An Inspector Calls": Engagement Dinner (04:38)

Sheila Birling's brother Eric teases her at dinner. Arthur Birling leads the family in a toast to Sheila and Gerald Croft's engagement. The women go through and Eric's mother Sybil cautions him against drinking too much port.

"An Inspector Calls": Society Status (05:51)

Gerald reveals he is in charge when his parents are on vacation. Sybil congratulates Sheila on securing her future. Arthur reveals he may be up for knighthood. Inspector Goole arrives and reveals Eva Smith committed suicide; he asks Arthur a few questions.

"An Inspector Calls": Arthur's Connection (04:13)

Arthur tells Goole that he discharged Eva from the factory because she was a troublemaker. Despite leading the workforce on a strike, Arthur offers to pay her 25 shillings and make her leading operator; she refuses.

"An Inspector Calls": Firing Eva (03:14)

The women return to the factory and Arthur hands Eva her notice. Eric chastises Arthur for not increasing the workers' wagers; Gerald sides with Arthur.

"An Inspector Calls": Chain of Events (04:24)

Sheila interrupts the men's discussion. Arthur believes Eva's suicide had nothing to do with his firing her; Goole disagrees. Goole describes the events in Eva's life after she was fired, including her dismissal at Milwards after a customer complaint; Sheila realizes she made the complaint.

"An Inspector Calls": Sheila's Connection (04:14)

Sheila recalls her disagreement with Sybil over an outfit; she was embarrassed by her mother's behavior. Sheila tried on the dress and believed Eva laughed at her. She threatened to take her business elsewhere if she saw Eva in the shop again.

"An Inspector Calls": Bleak Circumstances (03:31)

Goole reveals that Eva changed her name to Daisy Renton; Gerald recognizes the name. Arthur and Eric leave the room; Arthur explains what is going on to Sybil. She decides to join Sheila, Gerald, and Goole.

"An Inspector Calls": Gerald's Connection (06:11)

Gerald rescued Daisy from the attentions of Alderman Meggarty at the Palace Variety Theater and offered to buy her dinner. He learned of her circumstances and provided her with a place to stay and money.

"An Inspector Calls": Daisy's Love (04:50)

Gerald confesses that Daisy became his mistress last summer. Sheila and Goole question him about their relationship. He stopped seeing Daisy in September. Daisy went to the sea for two months to reflect on her life. Sybil makes disparaging remarks about Daisy's class.

"An Inspector Calls": Refusals (03:45)

Sheila returns Gerald's ring. Goole denies Eric a look at the photograph and Eric hurries outside. Sybil claims not to recognize the image and Sheila scolds her.

"An Inspector Calls": Sybil's Connection (05:35)

Sybil chaired a meeting of the Brumley Women's Charity Organization where Eva, who presented herself first as Mrs. Birling and then as Alice Grey, asked for help because she was pregnant; Sybil denied her. Outside, Eric smokes and thinks about a woman he was with.

"An Inspector Calls": Unwed Mother (03:01)

Goole reveals that Eva was approximately three months pregnant when she died. Sybil is not sorry for denying her help and claims that whoever made her pregnant should be made a public example of; she soon realizes it was Eric.

"An Inspector Calls": Eric's Connection (05:45)

Eric returns to the room and examines the photograph. He recalls meeting Eva, whom he knew as Sarah, at the Palace Variety Theater and starting a sexual relationship. Eric learned she was pregnant a month ago and gave her money when she refused to marry him. Arthur and Eric argue.

"An Inspector Calls": Dying in Agony (04:41)

Eva refused to take money from Eric when she learned he stole it. Goole reveals that Eva swallowed a large amount of disinfectant and declares that everyone in the room helped to kill her. He gives the group a warning before leaving.

"An Inspector Calls": Shame (04:35)

The group discusses the likely inquest of Eva's death; Eric is the only one who did something illegal. Gerald declares that everyone needs to come to terms with what happened; the group reflects on Goole's investigative approach. Edna reveals what Goole said when he came to the door.

"An Inspector Calls": False Identity (04:10)

Arthur calls the chief constable and learns there is no Inspector Goole. The Birlings and Gerald consider why Goole tricked them and their culpability in Eva's death. Were they all talking about the same woman?

"An Inspector Calls": Hoaxed? (05:12)

Gerald calls the hospital and learns there were no suicides. Goole watches Eva from outside her window. The Birlings and Gerald celebrates "being had" as Eva walks down the street and reflects on her time with Eric. Goole enters her apartment and reads her diary.

"An Inspector Calls": Suicide (03:57)

Eva drinks a bottle of poison; a man finds her and rushes her to the hospital. Goole watches as nurses attempt to flush her stomach, but she dies. The Birlings receive a phone call about a suicide; an inspector is on his way to ask questions.

Credits: An Inspector Calls, by JB Priestley (00:36)

Credits: An Inspector Calls, by JB Priestley

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An Inspector Calls, by JB Priestley

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Emotionally powerful and sharply relevant, this is a stylish new adaptation of J.B. Priestley’s timeless masterpiece. An Inspector Calls is both an enthralling mystery and a scathing critique of a hypocritical, class-obsessed society. Set in 1912, it vividly evokes a thriving industrial age built on crippling social inequality. Taking place over the course of a single night, this taut, affecting and ultimately tragic story, centers on the prosperous Birling family. They receive a surprise visit from Inspector Goole who is investigating the suicide of a young girl, a former factory worker of Mr. Birling’s. Interrogating each family member in turn, Goole’s incisive questioning reveals that each one not only had a connection to the girl but also may have played a significant part in her demise. As the family’s callous actions are brought to light, so are dark and shameful secrets that threaten to tear the Birling household apart and destroy its reputation.

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