Segments in this Video

"The Eternal Not": Part One (06:36)


Bertram meets with a company that will fake his death. When he refuses to give his name, the company explains that the only breeches in security they have encountered came from clients.

"The Eternal Not": Part Two (03:25)

Bertram's wife sneaks up on her husband while he is playing with his infantry. They argue about the battle he is engaged in.

"The Eternal Not": Part Three (05:13)

Helena visits her doctor who cautions that she might be in denial. The doctor explains that if her conception date is accurate she has been pregnant for two years and asks her to take a pregnancy test. Bertram's mother fostered Helena when she was a child.

"The Eternal Not": Part Four (04:43)

The company worries about hiding Bertram if he is married. Bertram explains that he only married Helena because his mother was dying and she tricked him into sleeping with her.

"The Eternal Not": Part Five (03:15)

Bertram brings home flowers that smell of gasoline. He and Helena argue and he begs her to get an ultrasound.

"The Eternal Not": Part Six (02:55)

The doctors and Helena argue about the pregnancy test. Bertram agrees to come home after she told him about the baby.

"The Eternal Not": Part Seven (05:13)

Bertram does not go home, sleeps in a car, and goes to the company. The company advises him on disappearing without being found. Helena confesses she substituted apple juice for urine in the pregnancy test.

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The Eternal Not

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This fantastic drama resource comprises of a full performance of the play The Eternal Not – a modern follow-up to Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well. The play is performed by drama students from Sir William Romney's School and this resource also includes interviews with the two leads in the play, providing fascinating insight into how they approached the performance and the themes that are explored.

Length: 32 minutes

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