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15th Century France: Balli (03:13)


A dancer explains a 15th century French male costume. Well educated gentlemen and ladies were skillful dancers. Professional dance masters composed dances for nobility; dance figures were considered art forms.

16th Century Italy: A Dance Suite (04:53)

Hear historical context for Italian court dances. View the Galliard, an improvisation for skilled dancers; the canari, a foot dialogue; la volta, Queen Elizabeth's favorite dance; sword play through dance; and the tassel kick, a competition of strength and agility.

18th Century France: A Dance Suite (06:36)

Hear historical context for French court dances. Two couples perform the minuet; Folies d'Espagne, variations for skilled dancers; and the allemande, a flirtatious duet.

Early 19th Century England: Country Dances (04:46)

Hear historical context for English court dances. Line dances for couples show elaborate patterns. Complex footwork required rigorous dance training.

Mid-19th Century America: Quadrille (07:36)

Hear Civil War context. A woman helps a friend into a corset and hoop skirt. Couples demonstrate square dances with patterns offering social interplay and creating geometrical kaleidoscopes.

Mid-19th Century America: Durang's Hornpipe (03:47)

Two men hold a dancing "duel" with steps inspired by sailor activities. John Durang was the "first great American dancer."

Late 19th Century England: Polka, Mazurka and Waltz (09:45)

Hear historical context for turn of the century European social dances. View demonstrations of the polka, an energetic frolic; the mazurka, a display of expertise; the can can; the grand march, during which dancers search for partners; and the waltz, representing romantic dance.

Credits: Dancetime! 500 Years of Social Dance 1 (02:55)

Credits: Dancetime! 500 Years of Social Dance 1

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This video looks at four centuries of Western social dance history. Authentic re-creations of the dances teach the viewer about socializing and romance in past times. Dancers in period costume introduce historical context and explore how many social dance styles migrated from Europe to America, such as Italian Renaissance formalism, French Baroque classicism, and 19th century Romanticism. The video features a performance by Carol Téten’s Dance Through Time company and their survey of 15th – 19th century dances. The video also includes simultaneous instructive text and diagrams with descriptions that truly take advantage of combining video with original sources, allowing users to view text that provides historical context and identify each movement source.

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