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Acting in Television Series: Introduction (03:32)


This program will discuss the challenges of portraying the same character for several years. Watch a scene from "Cold Squad." Julie Stewart talks about learning how to act for television. (Credits)

Working on "Cold Squad" (03:29)

Scott Smith directed Stewart in an episode with a heavy kissing scene. Watch a scene from "Cold Squad." Stewart describes difficulties with working on the same project day after day.

Doctor Oliver Crane (05:06)

Ron Lea worked on many television series including "Doc," "Street Legal," "The Last Chapter," and "Omerta." Actors need to be in the moment and listen to what the other actors are saying; over preparation can be a drawback. Watch a scene from "Doc."

Character Roles (05:17)

Sherry Miller recently completed a guest starring role on "Tom Stone." She pre-plans her character arc, but constantly makes adjustments during the process. Love scenes with an actor you dislike are difficult.

Acting, Writing, and Directing (03:11)

Watch an excerpt from "Black Harbour." Geraint Wyn Davies explains how actors, directors, and writers need to keep stories interesting on long running programs. Actors turned directors tend to not want to confuse their performers' preparation process.

Superstitions and Rituals (02:44)

Wyn Davies gargles mouthwash to the tune of "You Are My Lucky Star" before a performance. Actors should have honesty and be willing to be vulnerable.

Credits: Acting in Television Series (00:38)

Credits: Acting in Television Series

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Acting in Television Series

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One of the joys and challenges of being an actor is the unpredictable nature of what new character may enter your life for some period of time. But what about the actor who plays the same character on a television series year after year? What are his or her challenges? Is there a point where it’s hard for them or their audience, to know where the actor’s personality ends and the character’s begins? How does the actor deliver a believable and engaging performance under the daily stress of television production?

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