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Comedic Timing (03:31)


This program will explore how actors create comedy. Steve Smith created and starred in "The Red Green Show." Because the show has run for so long, actors rehearse for a couple of hours prior to live taping. (Credits)

Live Audience Taping (02:43)

Smith explains why a second live show is helpful to make adjustments and thinks of himself more as a comedic writer than performer. Surprises are essential to comedy.

Audience Affects Comedic Performances (06:02)

Watch two excerpts from "The Holmes Show." Jessica Holmes describes how joining the ensemble at Second City influenced her to make points about society in her comedy skits. Many of the skits on "The Holmes Show" needed to be trimmed because the actors extensively improved.

Acting is Acting (05:33)

Rod Beattie performs and directs a series of one-man plays called "The Wingfield Cycle." Working at the Shakespeare festival helped him juggle multiple characters in his head. Thomas Hobbes thought comedy was aggressive behavior at the expense of others; Beattie enjoys working on "Wingfield Farm."

Demanding a Laugh (05:27)

Patrick McKenna won awards for best comedy and best drama in the same year. See a clip of "The Red Green Show." Harold is a challenging character to portray. McKenna and Smith work at creating a collaborative environment.

Credits: Acting in Comedy (00:42)

Credits: Acting in Comedy

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Acting in Comedy

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An elderly comedian was quoted on his deathbed as saying, “Dying is hard but comedy is harder.” On the other hand, Charlie Chaplin said in his autobiography, “All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl.” Surely the truth lies somewhere in between. What does make something funny? How do stand-up comedians become actors? Is it possible to teach an actor to be funny? What is this thing called timing?

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