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Italy: Origins of Theater to Pirandello: Introduction (03:52)


Ancient Greece influenced classical Roman Theater; the theatron is the basis for most theatrical architecture. In Italy, rudimentary stages were constructed to perform Atellan farces. Menander plays inspired playwrights like Titus Maccius Plautus. (Credits)

An Italian Spettacolo (05:12)

Architects started constructing theaters indoors during the Italian Renaissance and painted trompe l'oeil on the ceilings. After Andrea Palladio died in 1580, Vincenzo Scamozzi completed the project for L'Accademia Olimpica.

Venetian Contributions (02:37)

Elements of the Teatro Olimpico and the Teatro Sabaneta were included in Giovan Battista Aleotti's design of the Teatro Farnese. Count Carlo Gozzi's plays were created in Venice. Teatro Goldoni has been restored and is open to performances

Luigi Pirandello (04:22)

Luigi Pirandello wrote "Six Characters in Search of an Author," "Right You Are if You Think You Are," and "Enrico Quatro." In "Henry IV," and unnamed aristocrat falls off his horse; when he wakes up he believes he is the regent. Listen to excerpts of Act I.

"Henry IV": Act II: Testing Henry's Sanity (04:17)

Henry declares that he is not truly mad; the visitors confront the aristocrat. After stabbing his rival Baron Tito Belcredi, Henry returns to his regal persona. Pirandello was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1934.

Credits: Italy: Origins of Theater to Pirandello (00:17)

Credits: Italy: Origins of Theater to Pirandello

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This video traces the evolution of the theater from ancient Greece to the 20th century. It uses the complex and provocative works or Pirandello to reveal the innovative ways in which modern Italian theater questions illusion and reality.

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