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Introduction: German Theater (03:07)


This program contains scenes from "The Good Woman of Szechwan" written by Bertolt Brecht. The Berliner Ensemble Theater consists of 219 members who rehearse for four hours a day and give seven performances a week. "The Three Penny Opera" premiered in 1928 at Berlin's Theater am Schiffbauerdamm.

"The Good Woman of Setzuan": Creating an Alter Ego (03:28)

When Shen Te falls into economic ruin because of her generous spirit, she dons the persona of Shui Ta. Because Shen Te is also Shui Ta, Brecht highlights the dichotomies of the human condition. The playwright developed a new style of theater that entertained and educated.

Schiller: Love and Intrigue (02:23)

Friedrich Schiller and Johann Wolfgang Goethe lived in Weimar, Germany. The Weimer Court Theater produced both the playwright's plays. The Institute for the Advanced Studies in Theater arts commemorated the 200th anniversary of Schiller's birth with a performance of "Kabale und Liebe."

"Love and Intrigue": Politics and Love (04:37)

This is the first German play whose heroine was a commoner and portrayed the middle class in a positive light. Luise Miller is in love with the chancellor's son, but her musician father grows concerned about the union's consequences. Before she commits suicide, she reveals to Ferdinand his father's insidious plot.

Credit: German Theater: Brecht and Schiller. (00:38)

Credit: German Theater: Brecht and Schiller.

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German Theater: Brecht and Schiller

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This video presents scenes from The Good Woman of Setzuan by Bertolt Brecht and Love and Intrigue by Friedrich Schiller, illustrating the different styles of the dramatists.

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