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Working at the Peking Opera (03:43)


Actors must master acting, singing, mime, martial arts, and acrobatics in order to participate in the Peking Opera. When fighting with spears, the actors follow set patterns of movement. Watch different fight patterns used in performance.

Fighting with Bare Hands (06:15)

Watch different movement patterns used in Peking opera with bare hands, swords, and spears. A troupe can select any of these martial arts exercises to place in the opera. Watch an actress demonstrate a female coquette character show off her martial art prowess.

Credits: Martial Arts of Peking Opera (00:34)

Credits: Martial Arts of Peking Opera

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Martial Arts of Peking Opera

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This video presents and explains styles of martial arts and sword play of the traditional Peking opera.

Length: 12 minutes

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