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The Edwardian Era: Introduction (05:02)


George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin, Ireland. Playwright, pamphleteer, and critic, Shaw also expanded and enhanced the role of the director in theatrical productions. At the first rehearsal of "Man and Superman," he reads the entire play to the cast and explains how the rehearsals will be conducted.

Shaw's Life (02:00)

Lucinda Shaw taught music and operas; concert rehearsals always took place at home. Shaw wrote five novels that publishers declined to publish. The director does not become angry or criticize his actors.

Preliminary Rehearsal (03:28)

Shaw reminds actors that he knows a great deal more about the characters than they do. By the time of final dress, he should have little to critique. Shaw directed his plays throughout his career at the Court Theater.

Shaw's "Man and Superman": End of Act I (07:41)

Susan Ramsden feels that Violet Robinson must leave the house immediately because she wants to meet the man who impregnated her. John Tanner believes the family is incorrect; Violet repudiates his compliments. The pregnant woman is forced to reveal that she is secretly married.

Shaw's "Man and Superman": End of Act IV (06:15)

Mrs. Whitefield explains that Ann Whitefield does not wish to marry Octavius Robinson. Tanner does not want to marry Ann because she is a hypocrite.

Shaw's Career as a Playwright (02:50)

Robert Loraine launched a production of "Man and Superman" at the Hudson Theater in New York. "Caesar and Cleopatra," "Getting Married," and "Misalliance" followed in subsequent years. Shaw and his wife relocated to Ayot St. Lawrence where he wrote one play a year until his death.

Edwardian Period (04:50)

"Captain Brassbound's Conversion" was produced at the Strand Theater; Shaw gives advice to Janet Achurch, who portrayed Lady Cicely Waynflete. The director gives the actors and stage manager suggestions.

Credits: George Bernard Shaw and His Times (01:35)

Credits: George Bernard Shaw and His Times

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This video looks at the life of George Bernard Shaw, showing footage of his birthplace, the Royal Court Theater, and other places in London, and discusses his plays and stage techniques. It includes scenes of his plays Man and Superman and Art of the Rehearsal.

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