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Racism in Europe (05:40)


European professional football is a microcosm of the racial tensions that pervade Europe. Since 9/11, the Muslim community is under greater pressure in Great Britain. Discrimination against foreigners has become more open.

Muslim Values vs. Western Hedonism (03:39)

The refusal of many young Muslims to integrate into European societies is based on their rejection of Western hedonistic and superficial values, such as the prevalence of sex in advertising.

Islamaphobia and Religious Discrimination in Britain (05:20)

European religious leaders believe that their particular religious text is infallible and historically accurate. Though Christianity and Islam teach similar tenets, Britain has experienced increasing "Islamaphobia" since 9/11.

Radicalization of Young Muslim Men (03:40)

Many people blame terrorist acts in Britain on Islam, but an active Muslim argues that terrorism is not sanctioned by the Koran. Young Muslims are radicalized by the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and events in Iraq.

European Union and Middle East Peace Process (03:18)

Europe's general lack of understanding of the culture and history of the Islamic world stands in the way of better cooperation with the countries it needs to replace its aging workforce.

Britain's Rightist Anti-Immigration Policies (03:19)

Europe's aging labor force necessitates bringing in workers from Islamic countries in a time when immigration policy attempts to limit the numbers. Rightist politics gains support by its stand on zero immigration and massive deportation.

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Racial tension has become a politically explosive and socially divisive threat to stability in the European Union. This program looks at the racism and xenophobia brought to the surface by a massive influx of foreign workers and job-seekers into Western Europe; it also describes the search for equitable solutions by moderate EU leaders and citizens. Islamophobia, religious fundamentalism, the radicalization of young Muslim men, and racism in football (or soccer) are all examined. With insight into modern Europe’s cultural and political dynamics, the film presents commentary from Mahmud Al-Rashid of the Muslim Council of Britain, British National Party spokesperson Colin Smith, European Parliament president Josep Borrell, and everyday people on the street. (27 minutes)

Length: 28 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-4213-6561-9

Copyright date: ©2007

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“[This series] offers a profound examination of the political and social pressures affecting the EU. It is rigorous in its approach and gives the viewer deep insights into the EU’s challenges.... The producers have done a brilliant job in crafting a unified group of interrelated yet independently functional volumes. This fine work comes highly recommended for those with a keen interest in the European Union.”—Educational Media Reviews Online

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