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London: Multiculturalism (04:24)


The racial and cultural mix of London's society reflects its immigrant history, but the city still seeks a common identity. All EU members must integrate immigrants into their respective cultures.

Germany's Celebration of Gay Culture (05:03)

A Greek entertainer raised in Germany talks about the acceptance of gay culture in Germany. A German beer company uses "drag queens" to promote its beer in the alternative lifestyle culture.

Europe's Multiculturalism (05:40)

A Sicilian in Germany talks about the suppression of homosexuality in Sicily compared to the open acceptance in Germany. Many Muslim women regard themselves as fully integrated into European culture.

Cultural Diversity and Diverse Cuisines (04:20)

Cultural diversity means an abundance of cuisines to choose from, and for Britons, curry is a favorite. In Germany, Turks represent the largest immigrant group and one that attempts to preserve its cultural identity and traditions.

Immigrant Cultures in Europe (05:26)

Turkish immigrants in Germany compare their culture with German culture. Turkish workers and students share their experiences as Turks and as Muslims in Europe. Some immigrants say that they need not integrate with their host country culture.

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Identities: Culture and Nationality in Europe Today

Part of the Series : Crossroads: Inside the European Union
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What prevents minority communities from joining the European mainstream? Is there an appropriate balance between assimilation and preserving one’s cultural heritage? This program wrestles with questions of identity—racial, cultural, and sexual—resulting from the startling new diversity of European society. Depicting daily life in immigrant communities on the Continent and in Great Britain, the film features observations from African, Asian, and Middle Eastern transplants. Each offers his or her personal take on learning a new language, eating unfamiliar foods, adapting to foreign attitudes toward women and gays, and other dilemmas. In addition, European MP Wolf Klinz puts forward his belief that immigrants should be required to learn the language of their adopted country. (27 minutes)

Length: 27 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-4213-6569-5

Copyright date: ©2007

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“[This series] offers a profound examination of the political and social pressures affecting the EU. It is rigorous in its approach and gives the viewer deep insights into the EU’s challenges.... The producers have done a brilliant job in crafting a unified group of interrelated yet independently functional volumes. This fine work comes highly recommended for those with a keen interest in the European Union.”—Educational Media Reviews Online

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