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Corporate Accountability (01:32)


More than half the world's 100 largest economies are global corporations, not countries. The power of these companies raises concerns about corporate accountability for human rights, worker safety, fair wages, environmental protection, and corporate crime.

Pensions, Investments, and Environmental Responsibility (03:21)

The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees works to protect public employees' pensions. Suggestions are made and resources are identified to guide socially and environmentally responsible investing.

Ensuring Corporate Accountability (01:23)

The British organization AcountAbility is the world's preeminent association for promoting accountability in business and government. CEO Dr. Simon Zadek explains what it means for businesses to be held accountable.

Role of the United Nations in Corporate Accountability (01:48)

The United Nations creates many of the enabling frameworks within which global business is conducted. The UN is responsible for initiating many social and environmental accountability measures.

Responsible Practices and Company Performance (02:15)

Voluntary measures and regulations play roles in promoting responsible business behaviors and practices. Corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investing can improve a company's performance.

Business in the Community (01:40)

Promoting ethics can be a good business decision that improves profitability. Many businesses invest in their communities to improve health, education, and other aspects of life in the communities in which they operate.

Global Reporting Initiative (01:01)

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is recognized as the international framework for sustainability reporting. An expert asserts that sustainable practices will soon be universally recognized as an influence on long-term shareholder value.

The Ethos Institute (01:48)

Brazilian entrepreneur Oded Grajew founded the Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility. The mission of the Institute is to empower companies to implement socially responsible and sustainable business practices.

Education and Corporate Responsibility (01:20)

Education plays a large role in the development of sustainable business practices. Business schools are increasingly offering courses in corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Social Responsibility and Micro-Finance Programs (04:59)

One aspect of global corporate responsibility is using business excellence to generate social change. A Grameen Bank representative discusses how micro-finance and micro-credit programs empower the poor.

Corporate Citizenship (02:54)

Concerned citizens drive today's trend toward better corporate citizenship. Hundreds of studies support the idea that corporations can be good citizens and provide good financial returns at the same time.

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Can global corporations remain profitable while also fostering social consciousness, environmental stewardship, and respect for local laws? This program explains why that is not only possible but necessary in the age of international business. Corporate accountability guru Dr. Simon Zadek describes what it means for powerful companies to behave conscientiously, while Profits with Principles coauthor Jane Nelson discusses the UN Global Compact concerning industry’s role in ecological and community health. Equally notable is commentator Oded Grajew, founder of the Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility—which endeavors to counteract the World Economic Forum’s purely monetary globalization model. (28 minutes)

Length: 28 minutes

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 [This program is part of the series Ethical Markets.]


 “Ethical Markets should be a daily show broadcast on many networks. The world is crying for the ideas and examples of a new economics that ensures a sustainable future for all of us. Hazel Henderson and Simran Sethi introduce viewers to an awakening world of possibility. A world where profit pursues a triple-bottom-line, and where hope blossoms among a new set of entrepreneurs to build a better world for all. The real life case studies show that indeed another world is possible, in fact it's being born in places and businesses around the world. The wider world needs to hear these stories if we are  going to steer our spaceship earth towards a future that provides opportunity and security for all of us.” —Terry Link, Director, Office of Campus Sustainability, Michigan State University


“We found the Ethical Markets series so valuable, we built an entire college course in our Financial Studies curriculum around it.” —Carol S. Spalding, Ed.D., Open Campus President, Florida Community College at Jacksonville

Ethical Markets challenges us to think beyond what is and look instead at what can, should and must be the bedrock principles of a sustainable, global economy.” —James W. Knight, Dean, Division of Continuing Education, The University of Florida

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