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Organic Products and Farming (01:16)


The demand for non-genetically modified foods, organics and sustainable agriculture continues to increase. The Rodale Institute trains and educates farmers on organic farming practices.

Bio-Regional Agriculture (04:10)

Organic farmers cannot meet demands for organic products in the U.S., causing increased importation of organic foods from abroad. Supporting local and regional markets helps reduce consumption of fossil fuels in importing organic products.

Agro-Business: Danone and Stonyfield Farm (02:03)

A merger with consumer products giant, Group Danone helped increase the availability of Stonyfield Farm's organic products and growth of the business.

Clif Bar Success Against the Odds (02:30)

The nutritional food company, Clif Bar has sustained and succeeded without corporate backing. Gary Erickson, founder of Clif Bar, hopes to remain a privately held business in order to sustain the company's vision.

Agricultural Production in Developing Countries (02:05)

Industrial food companies rely heavily on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture. Environmental risks associated with GMOs escalate public debate and deeply affects farmers in developing nations.

Myths of Industrial Agriculture (03:50)

Activist Vandana Shiva dispels myths of industrial agriculture: industrialized agriculture produces more than organic agriculture; globalized agriculture is based on competition and self-generating surpluses.

Organic Valley: George Siemon (05:11)

Organic Valley, the largest organic farming cooperative in North America, is the only organic brand solely owned and operated by organic farmers. Many Organic Valley products come from regional farmers.

Hazel Henderson on Organic Agriculture (02:51)

Industrially processed foods have begun to lose favor among consumers. Today, organically-grown produce cannot keep up with consumer demands in the U.S. and many organic products must be imported.

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Clean Food, Organic Agriculture: Ethical Markets 1

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Although more than 12,000 organic farms operate in the United States, increasing demand for organically grown food requires substantial imports from abroad. This program delves into the world of sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture; it also highlights advances that should eventually enable all Americans to “act locally” when they shop for organic food. George Siemon, founder and CEO of Organic Valley, talks about the inner workings of his cooperative organization, while green food producers Anthony Rodale, Gary Hirshberg, and Gary Erickson explain the challenges and rewards of their successful operations. In another segment, renowned activist Vandana Shiva expounds on the social, environmental, and health-related consequences of traditional corporate farming. (28 minutes)

Length: 28 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-4213-6588-6

Copyright date: ©2005

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[This program is part of the series Ethical Markets.]


 “Ethical Markets should be a daily show broadcast on many networks. The world is crying for the ideas and examples of a new economics that ensures a sustainable future for all of us. Hazel Henderson and Simran Sethi introduce viewers to an awakening world of possibility. A world where profit pursues a triple-bottom-line, and where hope blossoms among a new set of entrepreneurs to build a better world for all. The real life case studies show that indeed another world is possible, in fact it's being born in places and businesses around the world. The wider world needs to hear these stories if we are  going to steer our spaceship earth towards a future that provides opportunity and security for all of us.” —Terry Link, Director, Office of Campus Sustainability, Michigan State University


“We found the Ethical Markets series so valuable, we built an entire college course in our Financial Studies curriculum around it.” —Carol S. Spalding, Ed.D., Open Campus President, Florida Community College at Jacksonville

Ethical Markets challenges us to think beyond what is and look instead at what can, should and must be the bedrock principles of a sustainable, global economy.” —James W. Knight, Dean, Division of Continuing Education, The University of Florida

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