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Importance of Fair Trade to Coffee Farmers (04:37)


Fair trade practices help ensure that coffee farmers make a living wage and helps keep their children in school rather than working in the fields.

Fair Trade Certification (01:51)

TransFair USA certifies producers of fair trade items which meet international standards for fair trade. TransFair works to educate consumers on the importance of fair trade in order to increase consumer demand.

Guayaki: Yerba Mate (02:01)

Chris Mann, CEO of Guayaki, works with indigenous farmers in Paraguay's rain forest to produce Yerba Mate, a healthy green tea that promotes energy and health.

Global Exchange: Increasing Awareness of Fair Trade and Sustainability (01:53)

Global Exchange, an international human rights organization, promotes environmental, political, and social justice through world-wide partnerships. Global Exchange's Green Festivals serve as both a conference and a green economy trade show.

Jerusalem Candle of Hope (02:14)

Businesswoman and peacemaker, Amber Chand promotes candles of hope as a reminder of the ways in which fair trade commerce can help communities and promote peace. The Jerusalem Candle of Hope project unites Israeli and Palestinian women.

Labor Standards and Profit Margins (03:02)

The International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation (ITGLWF) supports workers by seeking enforceable global rules on labor standards and codes of conduct.

Social and Environmental Awareness at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (05:26)

Bob Stiller, president and founder of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, purchases 20 percent of his coffee from fair trade certified suppliers. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters actively promotes community, social, and environmental involvement.

Commentary on Fair Trade by Hazel Henderson (02:51)

Hazel Henderson addresses the importance of fair trade companies that link first world consumers with small producers in developing countries to help lift them out of poverty.

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Fair Trade, Ethical Trading: Ethical Markets 1

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Archaic models of global commerce assume that all parties will benefit equally from free trade. But well-documented exploitation of workers in the developing world has convinced many experts of the need for stronger fair trade practices. This program reports on the efforts of socially concerned entrepreneurs and leaders to safeguard the interests of foreign farmers, producers, and laborers. Bob Stiller, president and founder of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, explains why his company has earned a place on the Business Ethics magazine “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list; Neal Kearney, chief of the ITGLWF, debunks myths of slim profit margins in the garment industry; and Paul Rice, CEO of TransFair USA, describes his group’s fair trade certification process. (28 minutes)

Length: 28 minutes

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[This program is part of the series Ethical Markets.]


 “Ethical Markets should be a daily show broadcast on many networks. The world is crying for the ideas and examples of a new economics that ensures a sustainable future for all of us. Hazel Henderson and Simran Sethi introduce viewers to an awakening world of possibility. A world where profit pursues a triple-bottom-line, and where hope blossoms among a new set of entrepreneurs to build a better world for all. The real life case studies show that indeed another world is possible, in fact it's being born in places and businesses around the world. The wider world needs to hear these stories if we are  going to steer our spaceship earth towards a future that provides opportunity and security for all of us.” —Terry Link, Director, Office of Campus Sustainability, Michigan State University


“We found the Ethical Markets series so valuable, we built an entire college course in our Financial Studies curriculum around it.” —Carol S. Spalding, Ed.D., Open Campus President, Florida Community College at Jacksonville

Ethical Markets challenges us to think beyond what is and look instead at what can, should and must be the bedrock principles of a sustainable, global economy.” —James W. Knight, Dean, Division of Continuing Education, The University of Florida

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