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Meet Simon (04:53)


Using Bloom's taxonomy, Rick Stevenson interviews subjects annually, encouraging self-discovery. Simon concentrates on sports and does not succumb to peer pressure, drugs, or alcohol. After discovering his wife is having an affair, Simon's father decides to separate.

Simon: Age 17 (00:0-301)

Simon begins to consume Adderall, cocaine, crystal meth, and starts selling weed. His father and brother start arguing with him. Simon reads a journal entry about his experiences with addiction.

Simon: Age 20 (06:34)

Simon relapsed and credits Heroin Anonymous for saving his life. A year later he is sponsoring others through the program. When he was 22, he traveled to St. Augustine on a bicycle and volunteered in Haiti.

Meet Genette (03:29)

Gennette Cordova wants to sing when she gets older, admires her mother, and loves to run track. After she started middle school, her grades dropped. In high school, she began to drink, party, and dating.

Genette: Age 20 (04:18)

Gennette broke up with her boyfriend, went away to college, became clinically depressed, and tried to commit suicide. After spending time in the hospital, she feels recovered.

Genette: Age 22 (05:18)

Congressman Anthony Wiener meant to send Gennette an inappropriate picture as a joke, but accidentally tweeted to the public. She refused to give any interviews or speak on it because she did not want to capitalize on it. Gennette explains the media frenzy that occurred after journalists learned her identity.

Genette: After the Scandal (02:18)

Gennette knew she wanted to become a writer and decided to move to New York City. At age 25, she now volunteers with senior citizens. When she was a child, she had an imaginary mom named Laura who worked in Macdonald's.

Meet Kellan (03:51)

Kellan loves to play sports and hang out with friends. Doctors performed surgery on his stomach when he was in first grade. He recently discovered his parents will be separating. While he sees less of his father, he has adjusted to the divorce.

Kellan: Age 18 (02:09)

Kellan and his friends take a road trip across the country to visit every baseball stadium between high school and college. A year later, he flunked out of Loyola. Kellan draws parallels between his poor grades and his father's drinking.

Kellan: Age 20 (05:05)

Kellan now attends Southern Oregon University and plays baseball. His father passes away two weeks later; Kellan delivers the eulogy.

Credits: Popularity (00:32)

Credits: Popularity

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Simon takes a shot at redemption. Gennette finds herself as the central target in a notorious national tabloid scandal. Kellan struggles to keep his family together.

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