Segments in this Video

Introduction: Strategies to Prevent Post-Op Complications — A Lecture (04:36)


Clinical nurse educator Marcia Gamaly shares her background and credentials. She explains the overview and objectives for her lecture.

Synergy Model (06:40)

Gamaly explains the synergy model and how the patient is always at the center of nursing. Nurses must keep in mind the trajectory of treatment toward stability.

Knowledge of Equipment (04:28)

Gamaly talks about the importance of knowing the uses and the protocols of the equipment in a nursing facility. Communication between nurses is also important to ensure the best care is given.

Post-Op Care Case (11:06)

Gamaly goes describes a patient scenario to highlight the importance of post-op care, paying particular attention to the surgical site. She explains what nurses should monitor and look for when caring for patients after surgery.

Post-Op Patient Dissatisfiers (15:46)

Gamaly talks about the two most common patient dissatisfiers—pain and nausea and vomiting. The methods for treating pain have changed during the last 10 years. She explains the uses and complications from different pain and vomiting medications.

Post-Op Care (18:01)

Gamaly talks about changes to Surgical Care Improvement Project. She talks about the effects of anesthesia and describes a patient scenario about malignant hyperthermia.

Post-Op Complications (18:20)

Gamaly goes through common post-op complications and how to treat them. She talks about the appropriate drugs to give a patient in each case.

Other Post-Op Complications (11:42)

Gamaly explains less common post-op complications, such as fractures. She explains how to identify and treat the complications.

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Strategies to Prevent Post-Op Complications — A Lecture

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This video seminar explains how to prevent post-operative complications by performing comprehensive assessments and critically thinking through patient care scenarios. It discusses common issues that critical care nurses confront when caring for post-operative patients including anesthesia and sedation, respiratory failure, and sepsis. It also considers legal issues.

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