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Clinica De Migrantes: Introduction (04:03)


Puentes de Salud provides medical care to undocumented immigrants. Mexicans tend to have more support than Central Americans in the United States. Illegal immigrants cannot purchase health insurance.

Borrowing Facilities (04:06)

Dr. Larson convinced a local facility to allow Puentes de Salud to borrow their facility two nights a week. A house cleaner comes to the clinic complaining of back pain; Silva meets with a mother whose son has been vomiting and having headaches. Dr. Larson founded the clinic in 2003 as a cost-effective way of managing illegal immigrant care.

Weekly Prenatal Care (03:31)

Jack Ludmir sees 52 patients in one day and trains medical students. He mentions concerns when he sees a burn on a pregnant girl with a history of self-harm. A medical student hopes she will obtain counseling but realizes that probably is not the case.

Monthly Staff Meeting (03:22)

Penn State donates an abandoned space as a permanent location. Dr. Larson realizes that the volume is dramatically increasing at Puentes de Salud. He calls friends and colleagues about performing a pro-bono surgery to reverse a colostomy.

New Patient (03:50)

A patient received a bill for over $3,000 after visiting the emergency room for a headache. Dr. Ludmir promises to not abandon her and asks about her children. Dr. Larson states that we invited illegal immigrants to the United States and need to welcome them into the community.

Fundraising (04:05)

Restaurant owners argue about holding a fundraiser entitled "Back of the House." Dr. Ludmir meets a patient who arrived in the United States 20 days ago with a small baby. The woman refuses to provide many details.

Facility Construction (05:57)

Dr. Larson visits the permanent space under construction; the clinic needs long-term funding to keep the doors open. Doctors tell cancer patient Mary that they are going to discharge her because they cannot help her. The clinic organizes airfare for her to return to Honduras.

Living in the Shadows (03:36)

Dr. Larson Mary to dinner. Daphne Owen meets a young girl from Mexico City whose arm is hurt from overuse. The illegal immigrant population is afraid to reveal information due to fear of deportation.

Saying Goodbye (05:49)

Dr. Larson and Owen drive Mary to the airport; Owen reminds Mary to only drink bottled water. The man who brought Mary to the country abandoned her after she refused to have relations with him. Mary died three days later in Honduras; the clinic opens in its permanent space.

Credits: Clinica De Migrantes (01:30)

Credits: Clinica De Migrantes

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Filmmaker Maxim Pozdorovkin (HBO’s Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer) shines a well-deserved light on Puentes de Salud, a health-care clinic serving a population that all-too-easily slips through the cracks: undocumented immigrants. Clínica de Migrantes counters the often dehumanizing and highly politicized rhetoric surrounding America’s immigrant population, providing a compassionate profile of patients at Puentes, many of whom have left their families behind to come to America and perform physically exhausting labor for meager wages. Poverty-stricken and without medical insurance, the patients at Puentes often have nowhere else to turn for medical care. In addition to the patients, the film follows the tireless clinic staffers who treat around ten thousand patients each year with limited space and even less funding. As it plans a larger facility to accommodate its rapidly increasing demand, Puentes’ executive director Dr. Steve Larson and his team must find a way to keep their practice running in spite of obstacles at every turn. Highlighting the admirable doctors, their patients and the bonds built between them, this inspirational, thought-provoking film forces us to consider whether America can continue to keep basic necessities from the estimated eleven million undocumented immigrants living within its borders.

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