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Li Ka-shing Interview (02:17)


Ka-shing started a company manufacturing plastic products in Hong Kong and expanded to property, seaports, retail, utilities, and telecommunications around the world. He remains flexible and manages cash flow to be able to invest in new industries.

Early Entrepreneur Career (03:20)

Ka-shing taught himself business while working and started a plastic manufacturing company in 1950 that grew exponentially. He studies new industries before investing in them to become competitive.

Business Philosophy (02:16)

Most of Ka-shing's assets are in CK Hutchinson and Cheung Kong Properties, named after the Yangtze River. He combines Western style management and Confucian thought; his senior management team has little turnover.

A Practical Tycoon (01:48)

Ka-shing takes his relatively cheap watch swimming; he keeps the time half an hour early to make appointments.

Philanthropy (03:18)

Wealth did not bring Ka-shing immediate happiness, so he set up a foundation and gave away one third of his assets. He views the foundation as a third child and encourages other Asian billionaires to donate.

Tsz Shan Monastery (02:50)

e Li Ka-shing Foundation has constructed a public space promoting Buddhism. Ka-shing reflects on balancing a Western business model with Eastern philosophy. His life mottos are "always be industrious” and “the virtuous welcome onerous duties."

Social Welfare Ideas (02:22)

Ka-shing has become a focus of anger over Hong Kong's poverty gap. He advocates taxing wealthy companies more to fund education, the primary focus of his foundation.

Retirement (04:17)

Ka-shing says he could retire at any time; his son Victor has been working with him and will become chairman. He uses AIG's 2008 misfortune as a management lesson. He reflects on his optimism and drive.

Credits: Tycoon: The Li Ka-shing Story (00:16)

Credits: Tycoon: The Li Ka-shing Story

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Li Ka-shing is one of the greatest business success stories of the 20th century. In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg's Angie Lau, he discusses investing, and his fascination with technology and biotech.

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