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David Nevins (02:47)


Showtime's CEO has led the network's resurgence in original programming with shows like "Homeland" and "The Affair." He discusses how "Billions" touches on wealth and class, and reflects on the art of predicting hit shows.

Showtime's Power Shift (02:23)

Nevins talks about taking over Matthew Blank's CEO position. The network has a direct relationship to customers; television has entered a "golden age." He distinguishes Showtime shows as culturally relevant and featuring characters with complex adult psychology.

Competitors of Showtime (01:52)

Nevins cannot predict a major hit show and focuses on improving existing shows. HBO, Netflix, Hulu, FX, Amazon, and AMC are vying for attention in the 21st century media world.

Relationship to Netflix (03:25)

Netflix is a competitor and customer of Showtime. Nevins discusses releasing episodes the traditional way, as opposed to an entire season at once. He predicts three more seasons of "Homeland" and discusses working with David Lynch.

TV Bubble (02:05)

Nevins disagrees that there will be a "bust" among television shows and networks. He sees competition from Amazon and other companies as healthy for Showtime's creative process.

International Expansion (02:57)

Showtime signed contracts to sell shows in Canada, the U.K., and Australia. Nevins believes "Billions" has potential in China as the Chinese market grows.

Hollywood Career (03:20)

Nevins describes entering the television business after college. Network television is innovating and cable companies are under pressure to change signal availability.

Future of Entertainment (02:59)

Nevins says ESPN is suffering from its success and Apple may develop a hardware TV component. He believes the trend toward larger home screens and complicated storytelling will continue.

Credits: Showtime's CEO David Nevins (00:09)

Credits: Showtime's CEO David Nevins

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Showtime's CEO David Nevins

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Showtime's CEO David Nevins discusses the future of entertainment and media, and the network's biggest hits, including "Homeland" and "Billions."

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