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The Movement (04:48)


The rising tensions about the Vietnam War and racial inequality created a movement of protest in the United States. Tensions grew even higher when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

New Radical Politics (03:06)

Mario Savio was a leader of the free speech movement and a political activist. He explains his role in politics and his feelings about the Vietnam War and racial inequality.

Black Power (02:59)

Stokely Carmichael was a leader of the Black Power movement. He talks about the impossibility of interrogated society and the need for Black Power.

Non-violent Draft Resistance (06:11)

David Harris was a leader of the non-violent draft resistance movement, trying to help others who do not want to fight in what he saw as an unnecessary war in Vietnam.

Fleeing to Canada (06:00)

Thousands of draft dodgers went to Canada because they could not be extradited to the United States. A group of draft dodgers in Canada share their feelings about American society.

Mobilization (08:27)

Two large-scale anti-war demonstrations were held in 1967 and 1968. Organizers hoped the large numbers would get the government's attention and make them change their policies. Activists talk about how protests do not do enough.

Stop the Draft Week (08:27)

Thousands gathered in Oakland, California to protest the draft. It was the end of non-violent demonstrations and a show of power. Activist and onlookers share their views.

Coming Together (07:08)

Black Power was more successful than other protest groups because of its focus on togetherness instead of individual goals. Carmichael's leadership led to better organization.

Better Society (05:06)

As the leader of the most active anti-draft group, Harris organized a demonstration of turning in draft cards in San Francisco. Harris talks about his views on building a better society.

New Politics (05:54)

Many protests decided political power would make them more effective. It was called New Politics. A peace and freedom party put candidates on the ballot in California.

Credits: From Protest to Resistance (00:41)

Credits: From Protest to Resistance

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The new radicalism, spawned at the lunch counters of Mississippi in the early 1960s and nurtured in the demonstrations against the Vietnam War, has changed its direction - from protest to resistance.

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