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Introduction: Making Humans (02:19)


Presenter David Malone introduces the panel of psychologists and biologists. They will discuss Dawkin's selfish gene hypothesis and other effects on evolution.

The Pitch: Eva Jablonka (04:00)

Biologist Jablonka says there are problems with all three of Dawkins main claims about DNA. She explains that genes are not the basic unit of heredity, but part of a network.

The Pitch: Oliver Scott Curry (03:37)

Evolutionary psychologist Curry says genes are simply instructions but organisms develop through adaption. Curry explains culture and how it needs to be understood.

The Pitch: Rupert Sheldrake (04:27)

Biologist Sheldrake says the gene concept has limited the field of genetics because genes only provide the proteins needed. He explains how the Human Genome Project pointed out the problem and how the human gene could not be predicted.

Theme One: The Selfish Gene (08:20)

The panelists discuss the heredity and its relation to developmental variations. Jablonka talks about variations that are not connected to DNA variations. Curry explains non-genetic variations.

Theme Two: Cultural and Behavioral Drivers (13:19)

The panelists discuss the different systems of development and how they relate to cultural and epigenetic evolution. Curry says it is dangerous if all the theories are viewed as one.

Theme Three: A New Evolution (05:38)

The panel discusses Darwin's natural selection theory and why more is needed to explain human beings. Jablonka says complex, symbolic communication systems separate human beings from other species. Curry says genes are not enough to understand any species.

Credits: Making Humans (00:22)

Credits: Making Humans

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Dawkins’ Selfish Gene has defined how we think about evolution. But now the new science of epigenetics suggests culture and the environment can play a part. Is the age of the selfish gene over? Do we need a new story to replace the survival of the fittest, or is Darwin’s essential insight secure? The Panel Oxford evolutionary psychologist Oliver Scott Curry, neo-Lamarckian and author of Evolution in Four Dimensions Eva Jablonka, and biologist Rupert Sheldrake look beyond the genetic revolution.

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