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Human Motivations (03:50)


This episode will investigate human sexuality, attraction, and compatibly. Dr. Michael Mosley has invited eight single people to take part in an experiment; they think they are taking part in a documentary.

Looking for Love (03:13)

In separate rooms, the men and women introduce themselves and explain what they are looking for in a male partner. The hosts identify who they would pair based on introductions.

Sniff and Rank (04:11)

The sense of smell detects the immune system of the other person. Participants smell and rank t-shirts worn by the other participants. Individuals are attracted to those with immune systems different than their own.

Dark Room (07:21)

Experiment participants use their voices alone to determine which partners they prefer. Females are attracted to males with lower-pitched voices whereas males are attracted to females with higher pitched voices. The male participants discuss how they met women.

Power of Personality (07:34)

The daters have their first date. Sound, taste, and touch are the only senses allowed on this date.

Seeing Your Mate (04:05)

Sight occupies 30 percent of our cortex and is the most important sense. The daters see their partners for the first time. Participants rank who they think is the most attractive.

Body Language (05:46)

The participant's speed dates and the experimenters observe their body language.

Dance Off (03:20)

Dancing is a form of courtship that shows fitness and body synchronicity between partners. The daters dance with one another. Adrenaline and oxytocin are released when dancing.

Final Votes (06:23)

The daters rank their counterparts. Those who matched successful go on romantic dates. Romantic gestures differ depending on cultural values.

Saying Goodbye (02:23)

Dr. Michael Mosley reveals the true experiment being conducted on the daters and the tools for future romance.

Credits: Basic Instincts (00:39)

Credits: Basic Instincts

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In today's world, looks count—especially with the popularity of social media. In this episode, Dr. Michael Mosley invites ten singles to the country house on a dating weekend with a difference. He strips down the dating game to animal attraction and puts their very basic instincts to the test. With the help of behavioral psychologist Tracey Cox and dating expert Emma Kenny, we unravel the rules of attraction. We meet Grace, who would like to find a lover, not a friend, and Dan, who believes materialism isn't everything—despite having two cars. Will our desperate daters meet their match?

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