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Unsolved Cases (03:37)


Twelve hundred women from indigenous communities have been abducted and killed. A killer dismembered her on the side of the road on "The Highway of Tears." Brenda Wilson and Ray McChalco describe the condition of her body to Stacey Dooley.

Last Seen Alive (03:41)

Most individuals disappeared after attempting to hitchhike between logging communities and reserves. The government says that public transportation is not needed in these remote areas. Indigenous populations began to protest the widespread vanishings.

Prostitution (05:13)

Dooley travels to Edmonton and learns from Kerry Thomason about "death row" and working in the sex trade. 90% of the prostitutes are indigenous; members of the community target the girls. Shelly describes how she was raped and left naked on the side of the road.

Caucasian Perpetrators (02:39)

Most of the Johns that abuse the women are non-aboriginal. Dooley wonders if something went wrong in their own indigenous communities and travels Fort Chipewyan to obtain answers.

Fort Chipewyan (04:17)

Many reserves suffer from large percentages of unemployment, substance abuse, and domestic violence. Residential Schools took children away from their families and taught white Christian values. Steve Kootoray explains that these organizations stripped children of their cultural identity.

Leduc County, Edmonton (06:18)

Many agree that the prejudice exists against the indigenous population. Five women's remains have been found within a six-mile radius. April Eve describes how police mishandled the investigation.

Vancouver, British Columbia (03:20)

Laurent Mishna, a detective with the police department, worked on the Robert Pickton serial killer investigation. Indigenous disappearances were ignored.

Racism in Canada (03:10)

Dooley appears on Ched Nation to raise awareness for indigenous women who are being murdered. Canadians call in to express the benefits and drawbacks of residential schools.

Opinions on Race Racism (03:01)

Donna, a taxi driver, insists that she treats all people who enter her cab the same way regardless of race and does not appreciate how the indigenous population does not work to earn a living. Dooley explains that perhaps they are self-medicating; an argument ensues.

Alexis Nakota Siox Reserve (04:14)

Dooley travels to Alberta to meet Eva Potts. Misty Potts disappeared after doing drugs with friends. Daisy Pott explains that she believes her daughter was murdered by a member of the indigenous community.

Solving the Cases (04:34)

Justin Trudeau launched a $50 million inquiry into the disappearances. Dooley meets with Gary Stanke from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Superintendent acknowledges that Amber Tuccaro's case was mismanaged.

Ongoing Problems for Indigenous Women (06:18)

Indigenous females still come to the city to work in the sex trade. Thomason writes down a John's type of vehicle, license plates, and characteristics. Vivian Tuccaro describes her hopes for her grandson.

Credits: Stacey Dooley Investigates: Canada's Lost Girls (00:32)

Credits: Stacey Dooley Investigates: Canada's Lost Girls

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This emotional, hard-hitting film takes Stacey Dooley to a remote part of Canada to investigate why the regular disappearance or murder of hundreds of young women from indigenous communities has largely been ignored. She discovers that in the last 30 years, an estimated 4,000 women from these First Nation communities have gone missing or been killed. And the vast majority were aged under 30. Why were so many of their killers never brought to justice—and why have incidents like the brutal murders of two 15-year-old girls failed to make the headlines? Stacey uncovers a tale of shocking racism and sexism by police, as well as prejudice from government services.

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