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Inspiring Centenarians (03:25)


Meet men and women over 100 who still bicycle, cut hair professionally and compete in swimming. Emma Morano is the oldest living person at 117 years. Researchers have found factors curbing the aging process.

101 Year Old Businesswoman (03:51)

In 2016, Japanese centenarians exceeded 65,000. Kimi Taya was born in 1915 and has run a bakery for 80 years. Her son Hiroaki, 80, and grandson Hitoshi, 52, help her. Her family has had varying degrees of longevity.

Genetics and Longevity (03:35)

In Denmark, a study followed 100,000 pairs of twins from birth to death. As lifestyles diverge, so do looks, health, and life spans. Genetic factors account for 25% of lifespan variations while environmental factors account for 75%.

Introduction: Viking Camp and Iron Age Gold (00:48)

This episode features highlights from archaeological digs in the west of Britain. Excavations include a prehistoric monument, a gold hoard, Vikings, and more.

Chronic Inflammation and Aging (04:03)

Chronic inflammation causes arteriosclerosis. Gin Kanie's low inflammation helped her organs stay healthy and contributed to her longevity. A study links low inflammation to higher survival rates.

"Inflammaging" (02:06)

Italian chronic inflammation expert Claudio Franceschi says aged cells release cytokine, triggering inflammation and contributing to chronic disease.

Bama Centenarians (03:10)

A Chinese village home to 95 people over 100 attracts visitors searching for longevity secrets. Researchers study local food to see whether it lowers inflammation.

Mediterranean Diet Study (03:47)

Three hundred Acciaroli residents are over 100; scientists study links between their nutrition and longevity. Participants adhering to the diet in some European countries have lowered inflammation, but not in others—suggesting genetics, gender, and lifestyle also play a role.

Traditional Japanese Diet (02:33)

The impact of food on the body increases with time. A study showed people adhering to anti-inflammatory foods were less likely to need long-term nursing care. Nutrition also prevents illness.

Physical Activity and Longevity (02:48)

Both male and female Sardinia residents are long-lived. Men do physical labor until 100; most walk eight kilometers daily on a hilly landscape.

Microcirculation (02:32)

Physically active individuals with long lives have good blood flow throughout their capillaries, supplying cells with oxygen and nutrients and collecting waste materials. Microcirculation may eliminate substances contributing to inflammation, slowing the aging process.

Positive Emotion (03:13)

Anthony Mancinelli, 105, is a barber who enjoys daily client interaction. A survey of 84 men and women found a link between happiness and lower inflammation levels. CTRA genes become more active with stress and less active with happiness.

Happiness and Inflammation (02:22)

The CTRA gene works in different ways, depending on type of happiness experienced. Hedonic activities such as eating, shopping, sex and entertainment increase CTRA activity and inflammation. Eudemonic activities like volunteering, family time, and philanthropy discourage it.

Gerotranscendence (03:50)

Morano has always been physically and socially active. Despite spending most days in bed, she feels happy. Most people over 80 have a spiritually evolved mindset and are optimistic.

Geriatric Psychology (05:08)

The anterior cingulate cortex governs human emotions, and is unchanged by aging. Elderly test subjects remembered more positive than negative images in a study—reflecting many years of life experience and increased happiness.

Credits: Secrets of Centenarians (00:43)

Credits: Secrets of Centenarians

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“Successful aging” is now a key term for people around the globe. Japan is home to the world’s highest proportion of centenarians: people who are older than 100 years old. What explains this longevity? As researchers worldwide look for answers, their studies of centenarians are gaining attention. The latest findings imply that everyone has the potential to live long, depending on the conditions. This program introduces viewers to “super” centenarians around the world including Italy, China, and the U.S., revealing their amazingly active and healthy lives. It also looks at attempts to crack the secrets of longevity from every angle, including the medical, nutritional, psychological, environmental, and sociological aspects.

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