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Industrial Accident (04:13)


Imagine if Chernobyl had melted down and the continent became a wasteland. Three landmark events contributed to the disaster: Anatoly Dyatlov beginning a systems test, firefighters attempting to stop the blaze, and three engineers sacrificing their lives to prevent an explosion. Pierre and Marie Curie discover radium.

Memory of Humanity (05:30)

Uranium 10 gram pellets are used to create nuclear energy. Chernobyl does not have any pressure sensors to report issues. Anatoly Dyatlov begins a systems test of reactor four in case of a power outage;

Chernobyl Disaster (03:21)

Fukishima also caused a level seven nuclear accident. No one can stop the meltdown in reactor four. Firefighters save reactor three from exploding; their skin turns black and they succumb to radiation poisoning within a few weeks.

Chernobyl Worsens (05:37)

Firefighters of Chernobyl sacrificed themselves to save others. The next day citizens of Pripyat evacuate; helicopters drop sand on the plant. Three engineers dive underneath the plant to manually open sluices, preventing Kiev from being razed.

Turning Point In History (03:31)

If the engineers did not open the sluices an explosion would have occurred and exterminated all life within 200 miles. The "Liquidators of Chernobyl" attempt to fight against the spread of radiation. A new containment facility is being built to encompass the disaster for a hundred years.

Life In Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (02:39)

The Chernobyl disaster destroyed surrounding wildlife but some animals adapted to the environment.

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Chernobyl: A Reactor Out of Control

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Ukraine, April 26, 1986. The nuclear power plant near Chernobyl is due for routine tests. The tests are to check if it can be restarted independently after a total outage of the electricity network. Foreman Anatoli Diatlov is supervising tests on reactor number 4. Confident in his equipment, Diatlov decides, against the advice of his engineers, to push the reactor tests to the limit and disables several security measures. When the team notices the reactor is overheating, they trigger the alarms. But it’s too late: reactor number 4 goes into irreversible meltdown and explodes, sending dozens of tons of radioactive steam into the atmosphere. When firefighters arrive on the scene, they manage to extinguish all the fires except one: reactor number 4 is out of control. Its core is now magma in fusion, threatening at any moment to pour onto the tons of water pumped by the firefighters. That would provoke a nuclear cataclysm that would destroy Central Europe. Three volunteers agree to sacrifice their lives. They return to the plant, open the valves, release the water and thus save the world from nuclear disaster. The Chernobyl disaster is the most serious ever recorded on our planet: a nuclear accident that is 7 on a scale of 7. Its effects on people and the environment are still being felt today as a new confinement shelter has just been built to contain the disaster for another 100 years. However, the consequences of this tragedy could have been far more horrific but for the heroism of three of the plant’s workers.

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