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Project WILL (08:25)


Atlantic City Board of Education received a federal grant for an experiment in interracial education. Black and white high school students live together at Traymore hotel. Susan and Mary prepare for the start of the project with hope for change and new learning. Atlantic City High school is overcrowded and enforces segregationist policies.

Quality of Education and Race Relations (05:35)

Edgar Harris debates whether students are responsive to race. Students discuss problems with their high school and how to improve education. Samuel Sanderson presents the problem of disconnect between parents and children about the direction of education.

Discussion of Racism in Society (07:57)

Students discuss how societal prejudices affect how they make decisions, the pressure to conform, and consequences of being an interracial couple; five students will not return to the school experiment. At a school convention, a speaker explains the position of students and their ability to effect change.

Effects of Racism in School (10:36)

Parents, teachers, and administrators discuss racism in the school system, and low expectations of black students. Administrators direct teachers to take a careless approach with black students, and guide them to take easier courses. In another meeting, teachers and parents address the disrespect of teachers.

Student Assertion of Power (09:07)

Teachers and parents discuss interracial dating in Project WILL, but struggle to communicate about the forces of racism in society. At the start of a new session, the director speaks to the students about new rules and expectations, and students follow with a sleep-in protest. Teachers and the director debate student involvement.

Questions About Educational Change (07:13)

School officials discuss how students can fight for change without physical protest. Initially, Project WILL had no plans or schedules, but the board of education decided to enforce schedules. Teachers and administrators need to listen, analyze the system, and create space for change.

Problems With Educational Leadership (08:19)

As students convene with a teacher to discuss their evaluation of Project WILL, the director stops the meeting without reason. Many students view the project as a failure. For an effective program, students need to take the lead with the support of teachers and administrators.

Credits: Black and White Together (00:58)

Credits: Black and White Together

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This program studies Atlantic City's Project WILL in the larger context of secondary school education in America today. The project, backed by $100,000 in Title I funds, was set up for two six-week periods at the Hotel Traymore on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Here, some 80 students, black and white, engaged in a process of "living and learning." Each of the students checked in to the hotel daily after attending regular high school classes. The goals of the project: an "effort to remove students from totality of their environment;" to foster interracial understanding and learning skills in a relaxed, though structured, atmosphere.

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