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Fight to Be First (01:49)


Mathematician Hannah Fry introduces the topic of the documentary- the science of winning and success.

Ordering Dinner (03:24)

Expected utility weighs personal preferences against possible outcomes to determine the best course of action when selecting between multiple options.

Getting What You Want (03:47)

Game Theory is concerned with the mathematics of cooperation and conflict—how to avoid losing and how to win. The min-max theory can be applied to daily choices and aid in success and winning.

Poker (04:40)

Liv Boeree explains the theory behind poker and how to apply to improving success in daily life. Game theory optimal makes poker players and individuals unexploitable.

The Cold War (04:10)

Preventive War is a strategy of war initiated to prevent further war; however, this strategy did not work during the cold war and mutually assured destruction strategy emerged.

Prisoner's Dilemma (04:23)

The prisoner's dilemma showcases the lose-lose outcome when people act out of self-interest known as the Nash Equilibrium. In situations with multiple outcomes, there is always a strategy that is best for everyone involved.

Professional Cycling (06:05)

Explore Nash equilibrium in action in the world of professional cycling and performance-enhancing drugs.

Tragedy of the Commoner (02:20)

Dr. Haim Shapira demonstrates the theory of pre-commitment with a simple social experiment.

Credibility and Commitment (02:52)

In order to get what you want, credibility and commitment are critical.

Playing Fair (04:42)

Explore how what we think is fair impacts social interactions in win-lose situations. The social experiment uses the proposer and the responder.

Animal Kingdom (05:49)

Cooperative, altruistic behavior in the wild lends itself to collective success. Professor Karl Sigmund explores evolution and animal behavior as it relates to survival and collective success.

Virtual Behavior (06:15)

Robert Axelrod facilitated a video game experiment to demonstrate the importance of collaboration in individual and mutual success. Tit for tat is successful in computer games, but not in real life.

Utopia (02:11)

Over generations cooperation emerges with evolution and mathematics to support it. Strategies for a happier life can be found by applying mathematics.

Credits: The Joy of Winning (00:43)

Credits: The Joy of Winning

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How to have a happier life and a better world—all thanks to math—in this witty, mind-expanding guide to the science of success with mathematician Hannah Fry.

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