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War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend—Introduction (02:27)


A soldier reads a letter to his fallen comrade. After 9/11, shadow warriors deployed with multi-purpose K9s; less than 1% of military K9s participate in special operations.

Military Dogs: Layka and Benno (05:40)

Trainers work with Belgian Malinois at the Quapaw, OK training facility. Trent McDonald became a Ranger to kill terrorists. He recalls meeting Benno while overseas and describes the events that led to Benno's death in Afghanistan.

Layka's Sixth Mission (08:04)

McDonald began working with Layka when he returned to the U.S. During the mission, an enemy combatant shot Layka, resulting in the amputation of her front limb. Layka undergoes a series of tests after the removal of her cast.

Canine Support (02:35)

McDonald discusses his bond with Layka who likes to hunt deer antlers. She helped him through his addiction to pain killers and his divorce.

Ranger Dog: Mika (05:23)

John Dixon tries to contact Deputy Paul Leslie; see portions of training videos. Dixon helped establish the Ranger Dog program and recalls working with Mika; he kept mementos from his time with her.

Ranger Dog to Police Dog (07:06)

Dixon was wounded during an ambush in Afghanistan; he recalls moments of lucidity and waking up in the hospital. Mika stayed in Afghanistan while he was medevacked to the U.S. She suffered from PTSD and was retired out to a police department; Dixon hoped to get her back one day.

Mika's Future? (05:16)

Leslie discusses what he knows of Mika's past and building a bond with her; he loves her like one of his children. Leslie and Dixon talk on the phone; Leslie does not want to return Mika to Dixon. Dixon would like to help care for Mika.

Ranger Dog: Nuke (06:20)

Dixon's wife reflects on his feelings for Mika. Dixon visits a military friend who received custody of his dog Nuke; Dixon uses a bite sleeve. Donovan Hunter reflects on Dixon waiting for Mika.

Custody Dispute (06:39)

Leslie and his wife were surprised by Dixon's request for Mika. Dixon often dreams about Mika; he stays active to avoid thinking about unpleasant things. Leslie cut off all communication with Dixon; Mika died in October 2017.

Military Dog: Pepper (06:49)

Dave Nielsen reflects on the "war after the war" and losing Pepper. He recalls becoming a K9 handler, learning to work with Pepper, and building a bond.

Pepper's Last Mission (07:15)

Nielsen visits a war dog memorial and reflects on the link between handler and dog. He recalls the mission in Iraq where Pepper flushed out the enemy and disappeared.

Remembering Pepper (03:08)

Nielsen constantly thinks about the night Pepper went missing; he reviews surveillance footage. He believes one day they will meet again.

Credits: War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend (01:43)

Credits: War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend

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From executive producer Channing Tatum and director Deborah Scranton (The War Tapes) comes a deeply personal documentary that highlights the intimate relationship between veterans and their K9 companions, both during combat and as they readjust to civilian life. Focusing on three courageous dogs (Layka, Mika and Pepper) and the soldiers who served by their side in the most elite forces in the military, War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend recognizes the invaluable impact these war dogs have during their deployments, finding and disarming enemies while providing emotional support to troops in the bleakest of hours. Featuring military footage, photos, and revealing interviews with the handlers – who open up about the physical and emotional struggles they’ve faced – the film is ultimately a tribute to man’s best friend, underscoring the incredibly important role that these canine soldiers play in the lives of their human counterparts, and the unwavering loyalty and bravery that make these four-legged comrades in arms heroes in their own right.

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