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Living on the Border (04:48)


A cattle wrangler likes the wall that divides Mexico and the United States because it keeps his cattle from straying. A member of the National Socialist Movement hunts for illegal immigrants and collects opaque water jugs in the Sonora Desert. (Credits)

Preparing to Cross the Border (04:43)

Migrant workers purchase camouflage, shoe covers, and black water bottles in Altar. After visiting a local church, the trio eats their last meal in Mexico.

Departing for the Border (03:54)

Three migrant workers begin their passage to America. A member of the National Socialist Movement cooks Mexican food, displays his organization's flag, and explains differences between the NSM and the Third Reich. Stef Biemans asks if he would be welcome because he is married to a Nicaraguan woman.

Chahuites, Mexico (04:04)

Two folk singers sing a traditional canto about crossing the border. A volunteer collects donated food at a local market. Most individuals die in the desert because they cannot walk any further.

Mystical Help (03:09)

A man travels to a local healer for help with his blisters and asks about his friend who vanished, Mario Alberto Quintero. The woman hopes to track him mentally.

Dreaming of America (03:48)

A migrant raps about Donald Trump and immigration. Migrants create shoe boxes that depict their ideal goals once they arrive in the United States.

Train Hopping (07:33)

Several migrants prepare to hop a train that is traveling north. One leader discusses how to react if the Border Patrol searches the cars with dogs.

Twenty Five Days to U.S. Border (05:14)

A railroad train mechanic describes how "the beast" kills migrant workers. A shredded sock is found within a wheel. Volunteers provide sandwiches for those who are train-hopping; police threaten the film crew.

Falfurrias Border Crossing (02:00)

Biemans meets a Border Patrol agent whose family came to the United States legally from Mexico.

Guatemala City, Guatemala (04:58)

Two airplanes full of deported illegal immigrants arrive from the United States daily. At the American Embass, migrants wait in line for a visa.

Reusing Gravesites (05:21)

A gravedigger explains how worker clean out 15-20 gravesites per day to make room for others. The men prepare vulture soup for lunch.

Mortuary (04:11)

Relatives collect the corpses of loved ones. Undertakers, also known as vultures, wait to sell their services to the family. A woman and her two sons are denied a tourist visa.

Traveling into Mexico (04:19)

Migrants express their dreams once they reach America. At the border of Guatemala and Mexico, individuals illegally cross using rafts made from rubber tires and wood to avoid the customs office on the bridge.

Wolf or Rabbit (03:30)

Biemans draws parallels between food choices and locations. In Arizona, a woman collects memorabilia left behind during a desert crossing.

Sonora Desert (03:57)

Volunteers comb the desert for bodies of illegal immigrants. A migrant who arrived when he was 15 describes the realities of living in America.

Identifying the Deceased (04:24)

Authorities use an individual's personal effects to help with identification. In McAllen, Texas, Osman describes how people pay undocumented workers less than citizens.

Tolerance Zones (03:49)

The INS does not patrol Latino markets. Vendors sell Driver's Licenses, IDs, Social Security Cards, and Green Cards. Biemans purchases documentation to work in the United States.

Coming to America (03:39)

Osman and Biemans have lunch in an American restaurant after ensuring no border patrol is frequenting the establishment. The illegal immigrant shares memories of his crossing; 11 million individuals do not have documentation.

Obtaining Documents (08:50)

Biemans receives documentation from the flea market vendor. A woman cleans houses during the day and bakes cakes in the evenings and weekends. Osman calls his children in Honduras.

Credits: Bad Hombres (00:20)

Credits: Bad Hombres

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We investigate the most heavily used migration route on Earth. Dutch journalist Stef Biemans travels between Guatemala and the US during the first months of the Trump Administration, to see what the so called ‘bad hombres’ hope to find the USA. Who are the people Donald Trump wants to keep out of America by building a wall?

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