Segments in this Video

Story of Rosa (03:56)


See images of Bulgarian dance and farm life. Hear a reading about a rebellious girl and the 100 Bagpipes Orchestra.

Bulgarian Household (03:34)

A Bulgarian family look at old photos. Hear a Bulgarian song played on bagpipes and learn how Boris Hristov started playing the instrument.

Kukeri Season (03:23)

See a Bulgarian festival with colorful garb, dance, and song. Learn about an ancient pagan ritual used to ward off demons.

Orpheus (04:07)

Learn about an important Bulgarian musician, and how Thracians expressed art. Spassov talks on the idea of God.

Bulgarian Traditions (03:16)

Hear a group of girls sing in a Bulgarian meadow before throwing flower crowns into a river. A young girl participates in a tradition with her community.

Outdoor Festivities (04:43)

Hear the reading of a religious story. Bulgarian men sing and roast meat over a fire.

Bulgarian Voice (06:38)

See how the laundry is done in Bulgaria. Bulgarian performers dance in red and yellow garb. Visit a Bulgarian church.

"Deljo rhe Bandit" (07:52)

A woman sings a song from Demko Kurtov's band of zurna-players. Hear about the origins of the zurna.

Children from Kavlakovo (05:43)

Zurna musicians play in the street. See a cultural dance and a local carpenter constructing a kaval; learn about the instrument's history.

Danube Performance (03:39)

See a Bulgarian dance performance. Musicians play horn instruments and drums by the Danube river. Hear a gypsy proverb.

Bulgarian Folk Music (03:43)

Learn what a traveler might find in Bulgaria. Spassov plays a kaval at a food market. Hear a Bulgarian prayer.

Credits: Bulgaria: Talam (01:32)

Credits: Bulgaria: Talam

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Roses play a central role in Bulgarian identity. In music, this translates into the chant of voices in the Bulgarian choir, where each voice is introduced, radiating outward like the petals of the flower. Bulgaria is also at the heart of a great cultural exchange, a meeting point of Thracian, Persian, Roman, and Oriental influences. This program shows how the Bulgarian people, despite the hardships they suffered during many years of slavery, were able to preserve their dignity and their own cultural identity.

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