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Price Waterhouse (02:38)


Lobbying is one of the most central issues in American business and politics today. John O'Malley, Chairman and Senior Partner of Price Waterhouse Underwriting, explains they report on topics important to business leaders and the public.

Lobbying: When is a Lobbyist not a Lobbyist? (16:02)

Money has an advantage in Washington and many Americans believe only the privileged have access to powerful political leaders; the panel consists of distinguished leaders from business, government, and the media. Panelist James Glassman believes access to political leaders does not have to come through lobbying.

The Case on the Hill (18:55)

The panel talks through a scenario in which a business executive must generate public and media interesting in a congressional hearing; several panelists argue congressional hearings are inefficient. Amo Houghton argues lobbying is an unfair process which ignores public interests in favor of Corporate America.

The Revolving Door (06:09)

Many political staffers go on to become lobbyist giving them unequal access to the politicians with whom they once worked; the panelist argues whether this process is ethical. If politicians were unable to leave the Hill for other positions, qualified people may stop going into politics.

Campaign Finance: Do the Laws Need Changing? (13:08)

During campaigns, politicians are greatly limited in funding from the public, but wealthy candidates can use their personal finances to support their campaigns; in this scenario, less wealthy candidates are forced to accept funding from PACTS typically created by specific corporations. All the panelists agree money should not drive the political system any longer.

Credits: Washington Under the Influence (00:57)

Credits: Washington Under the Influence

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Some people claim that political power and influence can be bought. Others feel that business is often unjustly criticized. ABC News correspondent Jeff Greenfield leads a discussion on where the power really lies. In a hypothetical scenario, Mr. Greenfield follows the trail of lobbyists, press leaks, and PAC money as a corporation faces Senate hearings following allegations that its popular product causes injury.

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