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The First Move: Is it Ever Right to Make it? (11:31)


Business ethics have begun changing along with the definition of acceptable and unacceptable behavior between men and women in the workplace. Fred Grey asks the panelists to discuss a fictional scenario in which a young CEO wishes to have a romantic encounter with his young, female employee.

Taking Action: What Would You Do? (17:10)

The fictional situation escalates as the CEO begins making unwanted sexual advances on the female employee; Lynn Sherr argues if an employer's actions makes their employees uncomfortable then it is unacceptable. Michele Hooper asserts that every company should have systems in place to handle cases of sexual harassment.

The Passage of Time: What Is Its Effect? (09:59)

The fictional woman comes forward with her claims of sexual harassment seven years after the incident; the panelists debate whether or not the CEO should face the consequences of his unprofessional actions. Maria Elena Torano argues women must take risks in the workplace in order to fight for their personal values and principles.

The Larger Picture: What Policies Should Govern? (15:09)

Next in the fictional scenario, the panelists debate what action should be taken when lower level employees are accused of sexual harassment or have lewd office decorations. If corporations foster diversity they must put into place standards to protect their employees; most panelist agree the company CEO is responsible for creating a positive work environment.

Credits: Sexual Politics at Work (01:24)

Credits: Sexual Politics at Work

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Sexual Politics at Work

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How do you define "inappropriate behavior" in workplace relations between the sexes? Fred Graham, Chief Anchor and Managing Editor, Court TV, moderates a lively debate in which the panelists examine a case of sexual harassment first through the eyes of a woman who must deal with the unwanted advances of her boss and then from the boss's point of view when his behavior is revealed years later at a critical point in his career.

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