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Executive Compensation: What is too Much? (10:54)


Moderator Elizabeth Warren tells the panel of business executives, activists, shareholders, government leaders, and others that they will sit as the Board of Directors for the fictional Luminous Unlimited. The board members meet to discuss the salary of the new incoming CEO of their thriving computer corporation.

The Questionable New Product: What Should the Board Do? (22:29)

The Board of Directors meets to discuss a new portable computer product the company’s former CEO has been developing with his team. The board must assess the risk for the shareholders and the future of the corporation; several panelists argue they should conduct an independent investigation of the product within the different branches of the company.

Exporting American Jobs (09:38)

The new CEO of the computer company asks the Board of Directors to consider closing its American production facilities into transfer production to Korea for a bigger profit return. Several panelists fear the capital impact of closing their plants, layoffs, and transferring the services will devastate the company; ultimate they transfer in the interest of the shareholders.

Shareholder Activism: To Whom is the Board Obligated? (10:38)

The business industry is changing in favor of more democratic corporate governance where the shareholders and other institutions have a say in the company's future. Robert Adams, in response to the demands of the shareholders, advises the CEO to hire the services of a public relations firm to protect the company image.

Credits: Battles in the Boardroom (01:24)

Credits: Battles in the Boardroom

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Battles in the Boardroom

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Elizabeth Warren, Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard University, leads panelists in a discussion of the conflicts and responsibilities of corporate boards. The hypothetical scenario presents a fictitious board with a series of predicaments: a new executive who seeks millions in compensation; a founder and CEO, on the verge of retiring, who wants to push through a product that might destroy the company; and a proposal to cut costs that means moving jobs overseas.

Length: 59 minutes

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