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The New Product: Should We Develop Control? (10:02)


In American business it is necessary for corporations, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, to take investment risks on new products or services. Moderator George Fletcher presents the panel of business leaders, consumer advocates, trial lawyers, and defense counselors to debate the release of a fictional male contraceptive.

On the Market: How Much Science is Enough? (09:02)

The company invests in the new male contraceptive despite the risks and the lengthy, expensive FDA approval process; the product now moves into the scientific human testing phase thought to take ten years. The product is effective, but a single article alleges there is a chance it can cause birth defects.

Enter the Lawyers (23:09)

Roxanne Connelly has a fictional client come to her with concerns the company's product caused birth defects in his child; the company must decide whether to agree to an out of court settlement. For fear of punitive damages and due to the client's willingness, the matter is taken to trial.

The Trial and the Follow-Up (11:53)

In the interest of public health, the birth defects are determined to be caused by the birth control the father was taking; a ten million dollar verdict is set and there are no punitive damages, but the case does go up on appeal. The legal and healthcare systems have put the business community in a position in which they fear risk-taking.

Credits: Products on Trial (01:24)

Credits: Products on Trial

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George Fletcher, Columbia University Beekman Professor of Law, leads panelists as they probe the issues surrounding product liability. The hypothetical scenario involves a corporation as it comes to terms with whether or not to proceed with the development of a new contraceptive drug for men. The key issue that emerges: Does the threat of product liability litigation ultimately protect consumers, raise prices, or stifle innovation?

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