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The Recovering Addict: Who Has the Right to Know? (13:22)


The panel, moderated by George Fletcher, discusses workplace ethics, especially when the Human Resources Department becomes involved in an employee's personal matters; in the scenario, an employee confides to the head of HR he has a cocaine addiction. The panel concludes it is unethical for the head of HR to tell the employees boss about his drug addiction.

Membership Has its Problems: Is the Customer Always Right? (14:07)

The employee pursues his legal options as his confidentiality agreement with the company has been breached; a client expresses her dislike of the personnel on her project and requests a new team be constructed. The employee is in an all-male club thought to be racially and sexually discriminate; the panel argues the client needs to employ those who reflect the company values.

Worker-Client Romances: What Is the Fallout? (09:04)

An office romance springs up between a client and an employee of the agency; the panel discusses the ethical and legal issues surrounding office relationships. Several panels claim they would be very displeased if they found out an employee was involved with a client.

Your Friend the Embezzler: To Whom Do You Owe Your Loyalties? (17:27)

An unknown embezzler within the company has stolen a large sum from the company, but the perpetrator is never found by the company and the insurance covers the amount stolen. An employee must decide whether to turn in his lifelong friend and coworker for embezzlement; the panelists debate the ethics of this scenario.

Credits: Doing the Right Thing (01:26)

Credits: Doing the Right Thing

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Doing the Right Thing

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Eager to please an important new client, an advertising agency faces some difficult decisions involving a clash of personal values, loyalties, and the company's interests. Among the key questions: What happens when a pledge of confidentiality conflicts with company needs? Does a romance between a worker and a client constitute a conflict of interest? Where should one's loyalties lie: with a friend or with an employer? Moderated by George Fletcher, Professor of Law, Columbia University.

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