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Alma Mater Recruits Malcolm: Who Owes What to Whom? (24:23)


Athletes, coaches, agents, and journalists debate the ethics behind the athletics industry, particularly university and professional athletics moderated by Jeff Greenfield; Roy Johnson makes clear athletics are mostly about the exchange of money. Professional recruiters begin watching talented players as early as the ninth or tenth grade.

Playing Pro: How Private Can Public Life Be? (15:25)

In the scenario, a player has been injured in a game, and the university officials and coaches must debate whether or not they will allow the player to remain on his athletic scholarship. Public figures understand the standards society holds them to due to their success; as sensationalism becomes increasingly popular, athletes must be educated about their necessary relationship with the media.

Moving Into Management: What Are the Roadblocks? (05:20)

The panel discussions racial issues within the political structure of most athletics programs, especially professional institutions; Roy Johnson makes clear the white players are not held to the same standards as minorities. The panel discusses the benefits of diversifying the athletics program as a whole.

Home Sweet Home: Where to Play? (08:36)

The panel discusses the pros and cons of transferring their successful team to a more suitable stadium and city; several members of the fictitious board believe the team has an obligation to its home city. The city fights to keep the team, fearing the negative economic effects their abandonment would have.

Credits: Blood, Sweat, and Cheers (01:28)

Credits: Blood, Sweat, and Cheers

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A university needs new basketball talent. An inner-city high school player considers his options. What are the school's obligations, and where does money fit into the picture? Moderator Jeff Greenfield, ABC News Political and Media Analyst, leads a panel of major sports figures as they consider these issues and others, including how team owners deal with image problems, affirmative action in the front office, and what it means to be loyal to the community that supports you.

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