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Introduction: Massaging the Media. (01:17)


Every speaker or writer has a slant or angle to reports. Media advisors use spin to make information more favorable. Lynn Sherr will moderate the panel who discusses a company marketing GMO food.

Segment 1 Advertising: What's The Pitch? (09:50)

Allen Rosenshine explains how he would pitch a company that produces genetically modified corn. Ken Cook describes how advertising obscures the origination of the product. Howard Kurtz argues that knowing it is GMO is important to the consumer.

Segment 2 Public Relations: What's the Spin? (11:13)

Jerry Nachman describes how news releases can look like journalism but are commercials for a product. Larry Snoddon would incorporate social benefits instead of concentrating on the scientific advance. Reporters need to explore both sides before publishing an article.

Segment 3 The Consumer Group: What are the Tactics? (13:25)

Joan Claybrook suggests finding a whistleblower or scientific expert who can refute the GMO company's claims. Kenneth Cook suggests filing a Freedom of Information Act. Form a coalition and involve the members of Congress; create a slogan and banners, and build a base.

Segment 4 Carrie's Secret Past: Is Public Life Ever Private (17:14)

Experts debate airing a video of the GMO company owner and the television station participating in a Ku Klux Klan rally. Nachman discusses counseling the owner about participating in the news story. The news media should inspect both sides of a story and present both or discover the truth.

Conclusion: Massaging the Media (01:08)

John Chancellor summarizes the media story and teases next week's episode.

Credits: Massaging the Media (01:11)

Credits: Massaging the Media

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Massaging the Media

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ABC News Correspondent Lynn Sherr moderates a panel of media pros as they consider such questions as: What ethical standards should govern the relationship between a public relations firm and a journalist who uses its material? How should the media respond to consumer advocacy groups who seek attention for their own campaign against a new product? What factors affect what news stories get covered? Can the media be manipulated? Is public life ever private?

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