Segments in this Video

Separated Children Seeking Asylum (05:23)


The Refugee Council organizes weekly cricket matches for these traumatized individuals. Antonia describes why she organized this activity. Three teenage refugees recall traveling from Afghanistan to London.

Cricket Reflects Life (03:22)

Antonia describes how she uses the sport as a metaphor to explain different stages of the asylum process. Mati worried he would be deported when he turned 18.

Unwelcoming System (04:19)

Antonia provides advice on asylum paperwork and makes the teens dinner after the cricket match. Rafi went into foster care immediately upon arriving in London, graduated from University, and serves as a peer leader for the refugee council. Babar recalls how he needed to wait a year before entering school.

Clergy Game (06:04)

Antonia organizes a cricket match for the boys with Vicars, Imams, and Rabbis. The clergy lost. Mati wonders where he would be without cricket and is now a British Citizen. Babar is training to become a cricket coach.

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In this video, three Afghani teenage refugees attempt to build a new life after relocating to London. The Refugee Council organized the Cricket Project to help refugees assimilate and provide advice during the asylum seeking process. Mati, Rafi, and Babar explain how it has made an integral difference in their lives.

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