Segments in this Video

The Internet Warriors: Introduction (04:59)


Robert Jackson debates politics online. A philosopher does not believe he is racist, but wants to preserve his ethnic makeup. Sina S. Janevska addresses animal cruelty.

Political Debates (03:16)

A philosopher wrote a blog post in support of Anders Breivik. Janevska believes the Nazis should have ethnically cleansed Muslims.

Pro/Anti-American Sentiment (03:19)

Imaad Osman writes political posts against America. Pete Seville defends the United States against negative criticism.

LGBT Issues (03:16)

Alexandra Vellchkevlch believes that homosexuals are defective. Another blogger threatens Lady Gaga.

Election Hatred (02:55)

At a restaurant, Nick Haynes shares tweets he posted. He hopes Hilary Clinton ends up in prison and supports President Trump.

Middle East Hatred (03:18)

Kjell Frode tweets there would be peace on Earth if Muslims moved to the Planet of the Apes. Sophia Nesrin Srour argues against anti-Islam extremists.

Credits: The Internet Warriors (00:13)

Credits: The Internet Warriors

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The Internet Warriors

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In this video, meet online 'trolls' who use the internet to harass and threaten others. Director Kyrre Lien meets a global group of strongly opinionated individuals, who spend their time online debating the subjects they care most strongly about. Topics include President Donald Trump, Lady Gaga, LGBT youth, the Syrian War, and Muslim Immigration.

Length: 22 minutes

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