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Tools of Soldering (03:36)


Tools necessary for soldering include: an iron, flux, wire brushes, and scrapers. Brain Canfield recommends the Hakko 456 and a 60/40 tin to lead ratio. Use a water-soluble non-acidic flux for improved adherence.

Soldering Techniques (03:28)

Zinc, brass, copper, and lead follow the same process. Canfield describes how to analyze seams for efficacy and proper technique; solder follows heat.

Safety Precautions (05:28)

Do not touch the tip of the soldering iron to anything flammable. Read packaging to ensure the efficacy of a mask with lead particles. Canfield describes differences when soldering zinc and copper foil.

Credits: Soldering: Lesson 5 (00:40)

Credits: Soldering: Lesson 5

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Soldering: Lesson 5

Part of the Series : Stained Glass: Unraveling the Mystery
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This program shows how to solder stained glass.

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